Librelink broken on Android 10

Just a heads up before you upgrade to Android 10. Librelink always locks up with a blank screen on start up when I run it on my Pixel with Android 10. Talking to the support line this is a known problem and they are working on it.

How exactly Abbott let it get to this point is beyond me. Did they never test it with a beta version of Android or did they think these versions are always backward compatible and not bother?


Usually when I call about such things I tell them to go to the playground and find a five year old to help

I think they had the five year old on the second line help desk. He wanted a ton of detail, spend five minutes collecting it, and then told me it was known problem. It was an immensely irritating experience. For now I have gone back to my Dexcom.

You don’t like the reader?

I don’t want to carry it around, it’s just clutter. I want everything on my phone. If it doesn’t work with my phone I am not using it. My reader lives next to my bed because it’s a lot more convenient to use at night than a phone which is in a charging cradle.

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