Life AFTER birth... with diabetes

Sooo, its been a while since I checked in on here. Had my son about 2.5 years ago and I have been Type 1 for about 18 years. When I got preggo, my levels were off the charts... A1c of 11... I buckled down during the pregnancy and they eventually got down to 6.8 by the time I gave birth. Which was good progress. My Doc said something to me "I hope that you can continue to do good with your levels after the baby is born." and at the time I was like, of course I will, I've got it down pact now! She said "Well, its just that babies have a way of taking up lots of your time and sometimes things can be challenging." I just shruged it off... needless to say, after my baby got here and I was home alone (I was a single mom for a while) with this challenging new born who had Colic, Constipation and then Acid Refulx... I neglected my levels even worst than before I was pregnant.... I'm a pumper... this should be easy... but I found myself really understanding what my doc was talking about.

Well here I am 2 years later and I am finally starting to get myself back on track. Has anyone else had this problem of falling off after you had the baby? IF so, what did you do?

YES! Holy cow it is so hard! Plus, at least for me, my body is different and my diabetes seems different since being pregnant. I tried to do basal testing, but realized I seem to shift every few months with regards to my basal rates, so I have actually gone back a bit to my habits when I was pregnant- 1) it doesn't matter how much insulin you take, just get your sugars in line and 2) track the trends and adjust when needed, don't wait for the doctor's visit. I started a log of sleep, stress, etc. that I can quickly do at work or before bed, and it helps me see trends, like I'm always high after breakfast... or whatever. Then I just adjust and see what happens. Plus, I stopped thinking, "when Emelia(daughter) gets older, I'll feel more rested and have more time..." and just started doing everything I was holding off on-exercising and the log, etc. Now, of course, this has been the past two weeks for me, but I can definitely see a huge improvement in my blood sugars. Also, I gave in and started eating the same breakfast during the week and the same bedtime snack.

My daughter is about 20 months now, so it has taken me a long time to get to this point too. I think sometimes it is hard as a parent with Diabetes, b/c, at least for me, I saw eating what I wanted too and not taking very good care of my sugars as almost a reward for all the hard work I put into parenting... which is a bit silly, but I realized that there are so few times where you get a break, that I was finding it elsewhere. Especially after all the hard work of the pregnancy.

Anyway, I feel you and you can do it! Good luck!

Thanks Very much for your encouragement! I have to stop "trying" and "just do it" Nike tm. lol. :-)

Yes! I had my baby almost 5 months ago. I watched my numbers like a hawk while I was pregnant but now my priority is my baby girl. I just started watching my blood sugar again now that my daughter is sleeping better and eating every 3 1/2 hours instead of every 2. I do find it hard to stay in my normal range because I’m always looking after her. My daughter also has reflux and when she was first born it really complicated things. My first endo appointment since having Elaine is coming up and I have a feeling I’m going to get a lecture.