Life as a diabetic...type 1

I never thought in a million years I would be a type 1 diabetic, but I am. I have been on the medtronic insulin pump with continuous glucose sensors since December 2007. I started as a type 2 diabetic in March 2005 when I got really sick, and before that I had PCOS, and gestational diabetes.

My cholesterol is good and my blood pressure is good. Thank God!! I only take insulin (novolog) in the pump and symlin pen. I don’t take metformin, because if I do I have the shits from hell and my butt gets raw. So for the graphic info, but my stomach could not handle it at all.

My vision, feet, and kidneys are good. I get checked by my endo every three months, and he is the greatest. If you don’t like your endo and they don’t listen or hear what your saying, get another one.

I have a couple tattoos, and a few piercings and I have had no problems, because I am very careful and I believe in the saying “cleanliness next to godliness”. With being a diabetic when your sick, go to the doctor, watch your sugars and when they are not right, go to the doctor.

My life is too important to have diabetes take it over.