Life as I know it is changing

I recently moved back to GA to be near my family and friends again and It has been great up until last night. You see I am a family person I love my dad and step mom and my 4 brothers and 2 sisters rather they be step brother or sister or blood. We have been together since 94’ the yr I was dx’ed with t1 diabetes. I love to sit on the couch and watch tv and have conversations with them while we watch my niece run around the room and watch the wiggles lol. We all are over 20 yrs old now I am 2nd oldest at 28 yrs old and we are all 2 yrs apart well except my twin and I lol. anyways back to last night. The sec. youngest of our clan came home pretty lit from a night of drinking and he is in his early college yrs so it is something we expect but he is an angry drunk. It has never been this bad before to the point where we have had to call the cops but last night we did. He had passed out in the bathroom and I went to check on him ( I guess that was the medic in me lol ) he was alive and just sleeping it off but I really needed to use the girls room so I got his mom to get him to go to his bed. Well that truned into a big fight and he shoved her into the toilet so hard that it broke the toilet into pieces all over the floor and he slammed his buddies fingers in the door and then proceeded to start fighting with my dad to the point where they were both about to fight. Now in a fight my dad would have won he is a big man but he took the high road and walked away. He call the cops to have them come deal with him since he assaulted his mother but she just would not press charges and instead decided to stick up for him when My dad said he had to move out. My step mom said no she would no kick him out and my dad gave her the choice it was either my brother or my dad and she chose my step brother. So my father is moving out and not going back. Now someone please explain to me how you would back up your son who just physically hurt you while cursing at you as well over your husband?? I don’t understand! This is my family the people I run to when I need a shoulder to cry on and when I have great news to share and now it is all gone over one persons actions? My blood sugar since last night has not gone below 210 mg/dl which is so not me. I can’t help but wonder about the future. My step sis will not stay with her mom ( she has a toddler and does not feel safe around her brother ) She is choosing to move with my dad and so is my littlest step brother leaving my step mom with just the one son who hurt her. My father is a great man he is letting her keep the house and is going to have his salary with her and keep her on the insurance till she can figure out what she wants to do but is all this worth it? I don’t think my step brother realizes what he has caused yet as he is still sleeping off the alcohol. I know this is a long blog post and I hate to rant but I am at a loss and the people I always run to are the ones with the problems so if you guys could send some prayers my families way and so good blood sugar wishes my way I have got to get this sugar down I have been showing trace ketones for the last 3 hrs.

First and foremost hugs to you…settle down my dear. I know it seems difficult but as of the moment, you need to take care of yourself…stress and anxiety can elevates our blood sugar…you need to be healthy and strong.
I have heard more than once from a lot of parents how they can and will do almost anything…everything for their children. Have you ever heard of the “Parable of the Prodigal Son”? Your step mother has her reasons for her decision… Something that only a mother may understand? Sometimes space amongst feuding/hurting/angry people is suggested to settle down emotionally…give them time to think things out more clearly. Try to be brave and strong… I’m sure both your father and your step mother loves you and your brothers and sisters…its just right now they have things to figure out. Give them time to settle things…but it is important that you take care of yourself.

Change is scary but when you look back on your life you see that change is what prompted most of the good stuff to happen. Maybe this is your signal to do something different with your time and energy? Teena is right about taking care of yourself first, but try to embrace this next stage of your life as your next great adventure.
Most importantly . . . once the toilet got broken… where did you go to the bathroom???

We are a big family so in our home we have 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms so finding a place to go was not an issue. lol I am hoping things will settle down I mean in the end family is all you have and God gave you that family for a reason I am sure. I love them all even the angry drunk I don’t like his actions but it does not stop me from loving him as a brother he must have some deeper issues that have yet to be uncovered. My sis and I took my niece out for the day we felt her bg didn’t need all the neg. stress in the house after all she is only 2 and still new to the diabetes game. We took her to the park and then to the store and picked out some new toys for her birthday on the 28th and she got to eat some ice cream she keep saying ummm yummy! she is so cute it was a little more relaxing to spend the day carefree in the eyes of a 2 yr old what a blessing. She discovered bubbles today and we we got home it was back to the whole fighting thing so we took her to her room and watched the wiggles and beauty and the beast. I have to help my father tomorrow find a new apt. and look for colleges in atl. as I got to one about 1 hr and 30 mins away so after these classes are over I am transfering

Your life really is changing! Hopefully you will still be able to keep in touch with everyone from wherever you end up! Good luck, especially over the next few days/weeks as you get situated. Lemme know if you need any help with those big boxes… I think I might have a hair appointment that day :wink: Please keep blogging!

Wow first I would say find away to calm down mediate/pray, take a long bath, long walk or just find something to take your mind off it, I would have to side on the side of your father here. Your step brother crossed the line when he attacked your step mother. A violent drunk once will be a violent drunk again. Your father is protecting his family and till your brother gets some help be it for problem drinking or anger management. Most of all no one in your family should risk your young niece being exposed to violence and hostility. The police should of removed him even if your step mother was not wanting to press charges. Also I know up in my neck of the woods if they get to many domestic calls and a young child is in the house they have to notify CPS, and CPS is all most impossible to get off your back. Be safe stay strong