Life changer?

Day one on the pump was pretty amazing… I started the day at 263 (before the pump)… Two hours after my first bolus I was at 126. Throughout the day, my highest bg was 156! No filling syringes,and excusing myself to take a shot was uneccesary. I came home from the training with a feeling of freedom… Odd because I am tethered to a machine but FREE! Most of the people in my life were indifferent…how to explain to them the difference? My mother was happy to see the pump in real life… She seemed to think that I would have a beeper like machine attached directly to me… Like a Borg… When she saw the port and how the machine was attached I think she was relieved. I slept late this morning, bg was 90 (not the usual 250 by 9am)… Amazing!

Isn't it great? I love being free of syringes and have been surprised at how well I tolerate being attached to the tubing.

that is fabulous for you! glad you are loving your new pump!

Pumps are a life savor for sure! Which one do you have?

I am on the Medtronic minimed revel 523, not on the cgm yet, but will be in a few weeks. So far so good!

when i started pumping 12 years ago i loved it right away
what freedom
minimed 522 now
i'm happy you're happy

so glad things are going well!! sometimes there is a period of adjustment with settings and all. your comment was so appropriate...most people were indifferent.. only a fellow type 1 ( or involved mom of one :) ) would truly understand the impact on your life! hope things continue to go well for you. many blessings, amy

I'm happy to hear your pump start was so positive. Hope it continues to impress!

Today was not as good, but I will count it as a learning experience… High blood sugar in the morning which was steadily rising… Had to break out the syringe and do it the old fashioned way, and had to change the infusion site… Big question is was it my bath last night(which I disconnected for) or did the cannula come out while sleeping… I think more likely it came out while sleeping, because I was 134 before bed and 215 when I woke up then 293 by 10am.

any thing is possible
you might also need to adjust your basals
good luck

Congratulations on the new pump. You have a gret attitude. There will be a learning curve and some not so good days. Overal your life will be simpler and your control much, much better. Michael

Three months later I have lost 15 lbs and a1c has gone from a very brittle 8.9 (in single day I could have gone from 30 to 600+) to a steady 7.2!! Life changer indeed.

wow awesome, good for you! keep that positive, grateful outlook and things will continue to flow in your direction! blessings, amy

Awesome. There is same thing to be said about being tethered. Great results. You’ve done well.