Life expectancy for us OLD type 1s already past our sell by date

I’ve heard this logic too. I’m not so convinced. I was on animal pork insulin for a few years till they came out with human.

I knew quite a few old timers who had horrible complications back then. We did t have the blood testing or the cgm back then. I think that’s the real difference.

I’m highly doubtful of this anecdotal assertion, even though I used pork-based insulin for the first 10-12 years after diagnosis. Do you have any further details?

Here’s an interesting article…
Not mentioned, but I think “human” insulin is necessary today due to demand and T2 usage.

I was never before aware of any controversy around the switch from animal insulin to genetically modified human insulins. Interesting that I was diagnosed in 1984 and started on pork insulin and didn’t know about Humulin, an insulin made in a lab using recombinant DNA technology. Humulin was first produced by Eli Lilly in 1982, well before my diagnosis but I didn’t hear about it until years later.

The part of this controversy that surprises me is the assertion by many people that the physical warning signals of impending hypoglycemia disappeared with the lab-produced human insulin. (See @MM1’s link above.)

The big money and influence of PhARMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) makes credible to me that they would conceal any adverse problems of this blockbuster drug.

To be fair, I did know that some people became allergic to the animal produced insulins and that left them in a bad way.

After I switched over to the analog insulins starting with Humalog in 1996, I’ve never switched back. The analogs have given me good control and my only complaint was the weight gain I experienced with the bad habit of slightly overdosing each injection in the search of better control.

This led to insulin resistance, poor glucose variability, and generally poor quality of life. I was able to break the back of this death spiral when I adopted a carb-limited way of eating, started using a CGM, and adopted much better health habits.

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I used animal insulins from 1959 until the early 80’s. The first human insulin I tried took away any sign of hypoglycemia. I remember my husband having to get off the hwy, because I suddenly started losing consciousness. It was a very good thing that I wasn’t driving. I changed insulins almost immediately probably back to animal insulin. The next time I tried non animal insulin I did much better.

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Which may have coincided with bg testing replacing urine testing. So pre-meal bg was used to calc insulin dosing more accurately.

I think I changed to human insulin when I started insulin pump and more “measured meals” for pump dosing. First exchange lists, then carb counting.

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Getting a new physician with current ideas really helped too. My life changed when I was about 30.

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