Life Insurance - UK

Hi everyone. I bought a house with my partner last year. Since then I’ve been trying to sort out my Life Insurance.

  1. Legal & General kept asking for more details about my istury but my GP denied all knowledge of my history, leading L&G to think I’d had no check-ups, ever. I’d actually changed GPs when I moved, so they just couldn’t be bothered digging out my records from my previous GP, where I’d had a good record pf successful check-ups.

So, my Financial Advisor got bored of waiting for his £commission so he went to ask the Pru for cover…

  1. The Prudential. They acted quickly, I was quite impressed! I got a full medical by a local Doctor within a couple of weeks. Good so far. One week later I got my policy details. £87 per month. £87 per month, for the next 25 years, to insure £200,000!! The swines! My partner pays £17 a month. You’re telling me I’m 4.88 times more likely to drop dead in the next 25 years??! Get stuffed.

So, my question is, can anyone recommend a good Life Insurance company in the UK? Or, can you at least share an amusing aneceote to help me get over the shock??

Thanks everyone,
Phill ;o)