Life is making a good turn

Well Thursday was a great day. I saw my Endo for the second time since she put me on the Byetta shots. She is the greatest, I should have had this doctor since I was diagnosed with Diabetes but hind sight is 20/20. I was taking 5mcg of the Byetta and she put me on 10 mcg of Byetta. Since I have been on it my blood sugar numbers have dropped from 228-320 to an average of 160 post meal blood sugars. I have been luck enouogh to have some of my blood sugar numbers in the 120 range. I know this not the best of number but for a range of 6 weeks, this is good for me. Let’s just hope that the Byetta, Metformin and Glipizide drop them even lower. I have to be optimistic since this is the lowest it has been in almost a year since I was taken off of Avandia and Amaryl.

She also said that I need to lose more weight. She said I look sorta like a Teletubbie. I was around 270 pounds when diagnosed and now I am down to 139. I am 6’5" and she wants me to be around 212-217 so I do have a ways to go. So I am starting to do some walking. There is a Diabetes Walk in Dallas in November so I might as well get training so I can walk this and not pass out (not to mention, have a heart attack). I am also looking into doing some restorative yoga. I have read that this is good for diabetics.

Life is grand and it is the start of new me. I am going to tackle this horiffic disease head first. I am not going to let it run my life. Until next time, God bless everyone,Jeff

So happy to read these words! Keep walking!

Good luck on the Byetta, Jeff. I couldn’t tolerate it, but it did help me lose weight. My sister is also tall, and she lost of good deal of weight on Byetta. I’m also 6’5", currenty around 222, but 215 is about my ideal weight. I’ve been on the OmniPod pump for about a month now and probably taking too much advantage of the ease of bolusing by eating a little too much. Hopefully, I’ll get that under control soon.