Life Is So Fragile

A 31yr old mother died today in my village. She had three small children. She had no known health problems. I'm not going to complain about how hard I have it anymore. Sometimes I forget that we won't be here forever and I complain all the time. Today and from now on I will gladly do ten bg per day, count carbs, exercise and take insulin. I will be grateful to be alive.

VERY sad ;( I tend to have a similar reaction to yours when something tragic like that happens. (Don't we all?) I've been spending chunks of time lately grieving for my 'old' body, the lovely young one with no health issues that I didn't appreciate at the time.

However, I don't think falling into the comparison game (who has it worst?) is useful, except that it makes me get a better handle on my own life, as you said.

I do think 'complaining' in the sense of sharing what's going on with others IS useful. Talking about it spreads the burden; that's part of what TuD is about ;) I/we need some understanding and even sympathy sometimes.

It's always such a wake-up call for me when someone so young dies! It does change my perspective, and like you makes me more consciously grateful to be alive and as well as I am!

*Hugs* to you, and sending energy to the young family. What a devastating loss.

You are quite right pup, if I can call you pup. It was just a shock. I seem to put all my energy into staying well for the children and then a poor woman in her prime just gets taken away. TU is the only place I've ever been able to talk about D openly, no one else understands. It helps to feel that we are less alone, 25yrs ago we didn't have this place and I am entirely grateful for the laughs and support it provides. We should all be kind to each other and help as much as we can. It has just stopped me in my tracks. Thanks for your words, I wish I could share a glass with you sometime. Slainte.

I agree that's very sad. I got my take on this from Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich who, when asked "how did you live so long under communism?" replied "it was better than the alternative."

I'd like that too :) Perhaps, some day....

I'll Shostakovich ye, it's only Monday. We should all get together for a drink, oh hold on I don't drink. I'm very proud to say I have heard of Shostakovich. I like Wagner myself.

I love Wagner's music, but I prefer the Warren Zevon quote along the same lines: "Enjoy every sandwich". That about sums it up for me.

I had a very old and good friend who died in 2010. She wasn't young, but she had lived with a severely debilitating chronic disease for twenty years. She always had a positive attitude. When I came to visit she always asked about me. I told her I felt guilty talking about me when she had so much medical stuff going on. She said she liked the hear about other people's lives to focus on something positive. I think of Tami when I feel sorry for myself.

I don't know all that much about Wagner, like Tristan and Isolde. Not too many sandwiches though in our case.

That could be part of how TU works for us Zoe, when we listen to each other it takes the focus on ourselves and that helps. Some people are amazing, they carry so much pain, mental, physical whatever with such grace.

It's so sad when someone dies suddenly...I know people say, if I go I hope it's quick, but there is a difference between sudden and quick...when I was diagnosed with Cancer in February they told me I had some time, I was grateful that I had the time to say goodby to my wife, children, family, friends, I have even forgiven my enemy's. If I suffer it's worth it, a price I will gladly pay, every day is a gift, another chance to prove my grace, my body may grow weaker every day of my life but my faith will only grow stronger. I give thanks and praise every day when I get up and every evening when I retire.

There is a young college student named Mia who posts on the ADA type 1 board. She recently changed her course of study from pharma to med. She had to have updated vaccinations for this. Her boyfriend just posted this:

Please pray for Mia and keep her in your thoughts.

10-15-2012 03:17 PM
Hi all
Some of you may know of Mia. She started posting here in the summer after being diagnosed with type 1. I'm here boyfriend and she often goes on about how supportive the people on here are and how much they've helped her. That's why I've decided to come here and fill you in on Mia at the moment. As some of you may know Mia changed her career course from pharm to med and in order to med she needed a few more vaccinations, she got some of these last week. Unfortunately after one of these vaccinations Mia had a severe allergic reactions and stopped breathing followed by going into cardiac arrest. This is a one in a billion occurrence. In order to start mias heart again she needed 5 shocks from the defibrillator in the doctors office. She was then transported to hospital where she went into cardiac arrest again in transit needing more CPR and three more shocks. Mia has remained in a coma since last Tuesday and has since gone into multiple organ failure, she is on dialysis and her liver is beginning to fail. In the last few days she has gotten weaker and doctors are telling us that she may not make it to the weekend. If her heart fails, which is a possibility Mia will pass away. As you all know Mia has been through such a terrible time, as have her parents. They are all here at her side with her brothers.
There isn't much hope for Mia, although the problem was not caused by diabetes I thought I should tell all of you who've supported her through so much this year what's happening and ask you all to keep Mia in your thoughts, maybe by some miracle she'll pull through only needing a kidney transplant.

Here is the link in case you want to follow up:

Please pray for Mia and keep her in your thoughts

Since her boyfriend has asked that this be posted on other boards too-I think I should start a new discussion of this.

I don't know what to say John, you show such courage. I hope you are surrounded with people who love you dearly.

This is so sad, Mia will be in our thoughts. So very sad.

Take away the "i" and add "we" and even illness becomes wellness.
I read that somewhere on FB and it is so true. While complaining may not help one individually, sharing and learning from each other is what I think this place is all about. And in sharing we not only can learn from each others' experiences, but we may be able to help someone who is struggling.

I like that Clare.

I also had such a friend who always asked about how I was doing in spite of carrying the burden of many health problems herself. She loved her family and her grandchildren dearly and was frequently taking pictures of them with her camera. About 6 months after she died, I answered my doorbell one afternoon and there stands one of her daughters with a gift for me..........her Mother's camera. It seems that my friend bequeathed her camera to me because I always enjoyed looking at the pictures she took. Friends and family are priceless. Thank you for letting me add my two cents worth.