Life loves to steal time

if only you could have it arrested for larceny.its 11/1 & i have no clue how i got mind is still in august,when i realize what has happened,it gets rather happens to me every year,but this year is exceptionally bad.weeks will go by in what seems to be hours. i’m sure my complete lack of sort term memory is connected in some way.i’m like a damn end stage alzheimer patient.i cant hold a decent conversation w/o blacking out & having to retrace my steps to remember what i was talking about every few minutes.

btw … dont get vaccinated for the kitten flu.its the same strain as in the 70’s & the shot has the same side effects.there are actually more dangers in getting that vaccine than the youtube for the videos from back then…i think the interview is with mike wallace.the cdc rep he interviewed admitted to no testing & no proof of any benefit from the shot.the media is making such a big deal out of the raptor flu that in turn makes everyone a paranoid moron.simple things like not going out when you are sick& not being the jerk who coughs on the back of my neck while in line at the supermarket stop the spread of the government flu.remember if there is a “cure” for something that otherwise makes billions for the biotech industry,its not really a cure.sure a genuine deal would make some profits,but the long term sickness & suffering of many drive up the profits for as log as it takes to find some other moneymaker disorder.pharmaceuticals are a business like any other,the bottom line is to maximize profits.believing the bs just helps fuel the fires of stupidity,once a lie is repeated enough times ,it eventually becomes your truth.

You should consider writing short stories. The first paragraph here was lyrical- beautiful. Great prose.

thanks:) i actually get told often i need to write a book about my life or just random thoughts.i started one when i was homeless but kinda lost direction,i hope i didnt lose what i wrote though,i was about 20pages in & not even out of my first few years lol