Life= random, amusing and ironic!

My 1st year anniversary with D falls on 16th July.
This just so happens to be the exact date that an old school friend of mine is getting married.

What are the odds?

This has been playing on my mind over the past week. I’ve wondered for a while what I would be doing, where I would be, how I would go about my day on this date for quite some time. And now I find fate giving me the answers. Telling me exactly what I will be doing, where I will be, who I will be surrounded by.

Old Friends. A beautiful bride. A beautiful Abbey. A wedding cake. Guests. Speeches.

I just find it so random, so amusing and so ironic. I mean, where will I find the time for pity, sadness, emptyness when I’ll be there, celebrating with my friend on the happiest day of her life.

Yes, in the years to come, 16th July will always bring about mixed emotions for me. But when shots, glucose meters, exercise, the fear of complications etc etc come to mind, I will be able to look back and recall not MY day, but my friends’ day. A happy one, full of laughter, joy, dancing, and reconnecting! This will no doubt help to tame the grief, loss and reflection of 16th July; the date that changed my life and way of living forever.

Life is so very strange like that. And I must be grateful for it. It gives me greater strength in myself, my faith, in God.

I think it is great that you will attend a wedding, a joyous event and not spend the day feeling sad and empty for your old life before D. Now July 16 will always be a happy day for you to remember this wedding and not a sad one to mope around.