Life sucks, Then you die

Hate the sugar problem. Have chronic pancreatitis, now the liver is bailing. O ya, Epilepsy too. I give up.

Oh Big Daddy I know it looks bad but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Please dont give up I felt like that at one point but have the fighting spirit.
I hope you feel better about everything soo.

aw such negative thoughts! Sorry you’re going through all of that. Wish there was some way that I could help! Do you have a support network? Someone to talk to? People who care about you and can help to motivate you?

We all have negative feelings and bits of depression. It comes with the territory of having a chronic disease. It’s tiring, but if you give up… there’s no changing your mind after. It’s done and you’re through.

So… talk to us. Let us help you. I know that TuDiabetes members have DEFINITELY lifted my spirits from time to time!

there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I think it’s a train.


Have never felt like this ever. Kind of scary. Don’t me to unload, but it’s how I feel. Not giving up, maybe a bad day.

Shade of Pain, and then we die

Big Daddy, I am so sorry you are having such a hard time… There are just no words I can say to make it better. Just take it all in, one day at a time… know that your life is a blessing to many people and do not worry yourself about how many years you will live, or how long you will last. Know that whether we live a little bit, or a little longer, what matters is how we invest ourselves in others, the love we selflessly give, and the indelible print we have made in our loved one’s lives, and the lives of so many who we can bless with our generosity. Life is not about how long we can last… It’s about how much longer we will live on, after we are gone.

Hey Big Daddy,
I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t worry just duck it’s a trick from Disneyland, Mr Toads Wild Ride. LOL Just remember it’s just a movie. ROFLMAO

I never said I’d give up. Just feel like it. As far as the doubling down on 12, being a resident here for over 40 years, there is just no way I’ll double down on this whole deal. Odds are way too high for me. Think I’ll use a more proven method than a swing and a prayer, lol. But I get what your saying. Have some blind faith,

Sounds like your “12 stepping” and that’s not a bad thing. A little self centered at times, I’ll work on that. Thanx for your words.

Have to agree at times life sucks but take a walk listen to the birds see the wonderful things around you it is just our little part of life that sucks at times my mom bless her soul always told me these things are sent to test us, wish you well ramundow

sorry BD sometimes it does. but there’s a lot to stick around for.sorry you’re having a tough time but it is time to get back it and get a handle on things.

I’ll forever remember your words, “Hate the sugar problem.” I think I’ll have a T-shirt made with this emblazoned on the front. It’s often difficult to express yourself in few words - but you sure wrote a book with your statement.

Hang tough, keep your head together, good luck.

Ummm… I’m not 12 stepping? lol If you mean one of those AA programs, type things. heh :slight_smile: Didn’t mean to come off that way… I’m really not a religious person at all. lol I meant live on in people’s hearts, and memories.

drag yourself out of bed and face tomorrow one step at a time.

This is what I do best. Thanx , it helps

I just found it humorous. My buddy is a stepper and sounds similar ate times, just a tad tougher. I like the words, the way they sound. Thank you

If you make the T shirt, at least give me props. Reminds me of Forrest Gump,
“It Happens”

Just trying to find a place to start. Seems the longer I heel the worse it gets. All over a bottle of booze. Don’t know whats worse, the “D” or complications of the liver and pancreas. Maybe it’s the same thing?

" these things are sent to test us"

My pops used to say this. Sure miss him