Life update!

Wow I haven’t been on in forever! Life honestly has been amazing this past summer. Busy but amazing. Diabetes has been great for the most part. We used this summer to kind of heal and focus on our family. In the end family is super important. I had shared with some when I was on the last time that we were expecting again after losing our last pregnancy in December. Aspyn Kennedy is due to make her arrival in November and we are beyond ecstatic with how good this pregnancy is going! Other than swollen feet from working nights at the hospital, its gone amazing. Finished up nursing school and life honestly just can’t get better! Hope you all are doing well!


Hi everyone! My name is Chris. I’m 25 and living the fight of type 2 every single minute of every day. I was born with the gene but it didn’t show up until I turned 20. Type 2 is hard, but I know everyone knows that. Some days are easier than others, depending on how my levels are. I’ve worked hard to bring it down from a 13 to a 8.3. I fear the doctor because I’m always wondering what she’s going to say. I’ve been on insulin since March of last year and while I feel better, it turns often and it leaves bruises. So that’s the “update” about me. I invite anyone who wants to chit-chat to message me or whatever. Hope your fight gets better and that it can’t beat you unless you let it.


Welcome Chris!! I am a T2 and have been on insulin for going on five years. I found that I bruised when I first started but as I got better with the injection technique I rarely bruised (although I do have a quarter sized one right now). I found that pinching up and making the penetration of the needle very quick like flicking it made it not only painless but almost totally eliminated bruising. Bernstein has written up a description on [how to give a painless injection][1] that you might find helpful.

Hello Brian, thank you for this information. Yes, I’ve tried these techniques and it also helps that the needle curves in a little bit. That is the part that is penetrated. I appreciate your response.