Life without diabetes?

I was diagnosed with diabetes at 11 months, and have never known what it was like to not be a diabetic. To me it feels as natural and frustrating as being short (okay, more frustrating). Does anyone have any good analogies?

I was diagnosed at age 10, so although it’s become second nature to me (I’m 33 now), I really miss not having to think about so much STUFF all the time. Life is complicated enough.

I was diagnosed at the age of 21… so of course I remember life when I didn’t have diabetes, but interestingly I forgot what it was like to NOT think like a diabetic. Sometimes I even forget that for most of my life, I didn’t have diabetes. Like Emma said, it becomes like second nature.

Um…heaven…easy and carefree. I was dxd. at age 3 but I still vaguely remember not having Diabetes. I also remember that my Brothers(both dxd. at age 4) who were about 2 years and 7 years older than me, used to eat some different foods(sweeteners added) than I was allowed but I didn’t know why. I remember wishing that I could eat the same foods that they ate. Not long after, I was dxd.

My 1st Cousin has 3 Kids that were dxd. with Diabetes. I remember one specific time when they were over, I told them my “wish” story. The youngest(age 7 at the time) exclaims, “I wished the same thing just before I was dxd!!”. He was was dxd. at age 3 also.

Okay, that last part has nothing to do with the subject but they are connected for me. I thought, “how bizarre”. I guess the moral is, “Be careful what you wish for”. :smiley:

I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 10 and I remember my life before but not really. I try to explain: it seems not very clear and I think it’s in my brain! I remember my grandfather and I see myself with him, may be in 1959 when I was 2 years old, but around my ten years I can’t. I just remember that my younger brother Philippe was eating sugar, sweet, bonbons, icecreams and I could’nt. Maybe there’s a crack inside my brain. I only remember the new look people had about me: she’s ill. Of course I was not a child who ate a lots of cakes. And soon, after the discover of my diabetes, I thought like a diabetic, it’s really like a second nature. Day after day diabetes is here with me and for ever . Sometimes, in front of some shops of patisserie, I say : if I was not a diabetic I eat this nice cake and this one too, and this other… but it’s good to have some dreams sometimes. Carly, hope you’re well.

I was diagnosed in May and I’m still surprised how quickly carb counting, shots and testing have become second nature. It is just something I do, without really thinking about it, like putting the knife in my right hand and the fork in the left. It only ever feels weird when I’m at a restaurant I’ve been to before I was diagnosed. Suddenly a lot of my favorites I’ve eaten a gazillion times before won’t do, because they make a halfway accurate carb estimation impossible or contain ridiculous amounts.

I guess the next Christmas will be an even more forceful reminder of how things have really changed, because we always bake a ton of delicious cookies and I don’t like the idea of weighing them or making them all the same size to figure out carbs. Just seems so unchristmasy.

I was diagnosed a month ago. I miss eating whenever, whatever. Now, I eat because I have to, and I go hungry between meals so that I don’t have to give myself another shot. Now, I feel almost like I lost some of myself. I don’t really know how to explain the differences between how a non-diabetic and diabetic feel. I guess I’m just very concious of what I do now, whereas i was carefree two months ago.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes at 23, so about 4 years ago. I remember it and every once in a while I miss it. I do give myself a cheat day once a month. I choose one thing and I eat it for either dinner or a snack. I get frustrated with my numbers more than with Diabetes…I just stand still and be patient…

I was diagnosed when I was 8, shortly after I moved to a new city. So the following year I went to a new school. But anyways, I’m now 20, and I don’t really remember what it was like to not have diabetes. Shortly after I was diagnosed there was only 1.5 months left of school at my old school, so it’s like I sort of started a new life, and new school with diabetes. Sometimes I wonder how different life would be if I wouldn’t have gotten diagnosed…?