Well here it goes it is called life and it feels like there is no such thing as life…It feels like sometimes that there is nothing that I cannot do or anyone else as a matter of fact that we have a car that it feels like it is never here and we only have one car and everyone has it I feels like if I need the car I have ask to get my own car see I am a 47 year old women and my husband’s name and my name are on the car and everyone has to use it and it is not that old of a car it is a 2008 brand new car so it feels like we do not have a car and then we have someone here that they think they are lord and master over the family and it is getting old and tellling us that they should not have the car “we need the car” But see they have a drivers license (my daughter) she is the youngest and she is on my insurance and there are 3 other people 2 do not have there drivers license but the other one has his license but he is VERY rough on cars…why I say that is because he drove his into the ground and I feel like that is what he doing to my husband’s car and I have proof that he does drive it hard I have
seen him drive over speed bumps in our commnunity he says the baby is crying and everything or she is wet and and I finally told him to take it easy when he is driving but that seems like it goes one ear and out the other and it also feels like we do not mean it when I say it or anyone else "TAKE IT EASY ON THE CAR"
My husband has worked very hard to get a new car and now it feels like that this car will not be around long due to the way that is being drove and I would like to know what I can do about it.??? And this is called life please can someone show me that there is life up there.