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March 20

LifeScan and Nanos
Not to beat a dead horse, but that J and J announcement with Apple regarding medical devices with the iPhone was sure a thriller for me. People are starting to catch on to our preaching :slight_smile:

From what I saw at the Apple keynote, I’m expecting OneTouch NOT to be using that bulky meter. In fact, I’d go on record to bet my life against them using that meter. To be honest, I think Johnson and Johnson is looking at this a little bit too “inside the box”…yeah it’s cool to be married to the iPhone but from the demonstration they’ve showed us, I know Tech Diabetics are going to be looking for more than just the ability to transfer their logs to the iPhone…I mean, they could do that on their desktop if they wanted to. Marriage to the phone isn’t enough to win this sector if there are other manufacturers on the prowl.

Speaking of sexy meters, I took a look at the Accu Check Nano yesterday and, Wow, I’m impressed. Finally a company that’s starting to recognize that in a world surrounded by consumer electronic devices, looks do matter to a lot of people. Hopefully, they can carry this forward with future products, not just glucose meters.

I like where their heads are at with this meter design: