LifeScan Cable?

My daughters school nurse has suggested we get the lifescan software and cable for her meter. Says it’s something great to have and higly suggests it. She also said past students parents were able to get them for free… Anyone know where one can obtain a free cable/software? And is it really worth having?

The software is a free download from the site.

I ordered my cable from EBay and saved $10.

The cable is “free” IF you buy the software. It does you no good to download the data with the cable if you have nothing to read it with. Do you use the minimed carelink website perhaps?

And yes, it’s a given that her readings should be downloaded and graphed… how else do you find trends? There’s no need to carry around paper and pencil and have the burden of having to write it down too when you can just download it later. Plus paper and pencil cannot process and show the data in different ways so that you can see what’s really going on.

As much technology as you can afford, get it. :slight_smile:

Check with your daughter’s endocrinologist office or local children’s hospital. they might be able to give it to you for free. We take our son to Children’s Hopsital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and they gave us the software and cable when he was first diagnosed. It came in a small backpack, with advertising for on it.

Thank you :slight_smile: