Lifescan & Metronic (not sure which) are giving away almost free test strips

i called Metronic yesterday b/c one of my lancets broke and i needed a replacement. they were, as usual, very accomodating. during the course of our conversation, the representative asked me if i was on the MMpump and how often i test myself each month. easy answer.( i go through about 300 strips per month)

she then told me that i qualified for 6 months worth of test strips with only an $8 co-pay.( i usually have a $50 co-pay) i thought i misheard her, but she walked me through the procedure, which i could easily do on my computer. next thing i know, i am printing out a coupon for my CVS pharmacy. i only had to activate the card, and i was good to go.

so, if you read this, ask about it. i dont know if it is a promotional or not, but, hey, its worth the ten minute effort.

Good Luck