Lifescan Strip Recall

I just received a recall letter from Lifescan stating that the following batch of OneTouch Ultra strips is being recalled because a few vials of the batch may produce inaccurately low results:


Apparently this batch was only packaged in single-vial (25-count) packaging.

If you have any strips from this batch, Lifescan asks that you discontinue their use and call them at 1-866-247-1281 to arrange for replacement/exchange.

Thanks for posting about this, Tmana!

So no worries if you buy the 100 count box?

Apparently not… but check the lot # anyway…

Thanks for bringing this up. I’ve featured this discussion at the top of the Forum: gonna leave it there for a few days.

I love Lifescan. Thanks for the info.

I checked allmy 100 count boxes to be on the safe side (just got my 3 month supply)…didn’t find any the offending lot #