Lighten up! What helps you?


I am pretty hard on myself. I am evaluating constantly- ‘I should not have eaten’…this or that… or ‘I should not have shot…’ as much or little as that… so what do you do to lighten up your situation? I take time to cuddle with our puppy and she makes me forget for a while that there is a world beyond her. She loves to cuddle and I am happy to cuddle with her. I love arts and crafts as well and that helps me escape the situation. What helps you?

I think we all do that.. wow.. a puppy sounds like a wonderful idea... unfortunately my kitties might not agree. This weekend, due to severe back spasms, pain killers etc. tens, heat were my best help... Music, tv and reading stuff online to distract myself, doing my photography and walks helps me. Doing stuff for my teaching/art but I was in too much pain to do too much of that unfortunately.

ps: he/she is adorable :-)
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For me the hard part in my Dlife was to begin to look at things as simply data. Not should of, could not. Simply data points with no guilt attached. If you can begin to make that mental shift then then when you test there is no good or bad readings. The data point your receive when you test allows you to chose what to do next to move forward with your life, and go with the flow from day to day.

That's not saying that I don't go back and look at the big picture, I do regularly looking for trends. Do I frequently go low or high in a particular time frame, if so is there a pattern in what I do that can be adjusted?
When I do things this way, I'm not finger pointing at each individual action, just at the overall pattern. This helps because we all know that what works well most of the time will sometimes not with no identifiable reason.

I like to work in my flower garden. For me a few minutes enjoying the outdoors and a bit of sunshine help with my ability to relax and find the joy in life. Even 10-15 minutes sitting in the sun, just listening to what's going on out side with the birds, the wind in the trees, the squirrels, etc can pull the mind out of that repeating loop we sometimes find ourselves in. And then I have three cats, and a bunch of guinea pigs who always are happy to share.

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