Lipitor and Diabetes

Hi there. I've just read and heard about all the possible problems with taking Lipitor. I was diagnosed with Type 2 some 4 years ago and at that time did not have any problems with cholestrol. My cholestrol numbers are very low. I'm just wondering whether there is any need to be taking Lipitor with my Diabetes medications of Metformin tabs and Ramipril for blood pressure. My blood pressure was also normal and I was in the healthy weight range and exercised regularly when I was diagnosed with Diabetes. My diabetes is a result of hereditary factors.
Are my scripts normal for Type 2 Diabetes or should I just discontinue the use of Lipitor and Ramipril ?. Has anyone discontinued these meds and what has the result been ?.

I developed type 2 a couple of years ago. I believe the main reason I developed the disorder is due to a severe case of pancreatitis I had in my early 20s (it was due to gallstones). Anyway, never had a problem until my early 50s. It is possible that I developed type 2 for other reasons, but I do think that pancreatitis remains the culprit. I may be a bit of a jaded ICU nurse, so keep that in mind as you read what follows, lol Let's just say I have seen and heard enough medical BS to last a few lifetimes....

If your cholesterol levels are within normal and so are your blood pressure readings, why the medications? I refused Lipitor and will continue to refuse any and all cholesterol medications because, imho, the risks outweigh the "benefits". Way I see it and know it, approximately 70% of the cholesterol is produced by your liver, so the medication is for that 30% that can be controlled.
Just last week I attended an extremely informative seminar given by a doctor who finally told the "story" the way it is. He basically said too much is made out of conditions like hyperlipidemia and diabetes. He claims what IS important is to keep blood pressure readings within the normal range. He went on about the pharmaceutical companies' games, the misinformation passed on to doctors and nurses who then basically regurgitate it to their patients, believe it, yet never really question it (yep, I was in that group).
He then presented other data/evidence, but I won't go into that here. In a way, I felt vindicated, lol

So, if I were you, I would try to gradually discontinue ALL medication. I would try to control the diabetes through dietary changes and exercise first. When I was diagnosed, I was told I needed metformin (500 mg twice a day),they put me on BP medication (Lopressor 150 mg a day) and Lipitor (10 mg daily). I never took Lipitor, and within 6 months I was off the other meds. Interestingly, I felt way better once I stopped taking the metformin, I have way more energy and my blood sugar numbers are vastly better now than when I was taking metformin! I now take 50 mg of Lopressor and will soon decrease it to 25mg. All my numbers are looking good, and I intend to keep them that way for as long as I can.
Again, if your numbers are within the normal range, I see no reason to be on Ramipril and Lipitor. About the metformin, have you tried dietary changes and increasing your exercise routine? Tell your health provider you'd like to try dietary changes and exercise first, but don't change dosage and/or frequency of medications on your own!
Take charge of your health and question any "automatic"/"preventative" prescriptions. You can do it, iceberg! :-)
Keep us posted, and all the best to you.

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I really appreciate your opinion. I will be seeing my doctor shortly with the view to questioning the need for my medications. Hopefully, I can wean off them gradually with close monitoring of Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels. I'll keep you posted and thanks.

Yes im Diabetic tipe 2 i sos taking Lipitor now im taking Caduet New tablet only few years for colesterol andblood presare togheder with tablets for Diabete

Are you experiencing any side effects with the drugs ?.

If one has had CAD, then perhaps a statin is in order. I have and take a very minimal dose of 5mg per day or 10mg. every other day.

Before anyone can tell you about your statin/diabetes, they would have to be a doctor. If your ratios are in order, then why worry? Google the numbers you have been given and see what the ratios are. Good idea to check if your LDL is the "fluffy" or "dense", you can find out which by having an NMR test. If you are a fluffy, then you are also lucky!

lately, there has been quite a bit of media info re lipitor & diabetes, time will tell. I had diabetes before I started takintg a statin.

You are most welcome. Unfortunately way too many people will take anything that is prescribed because they have a near "blind faith" in what a practitioner tells them. I am in no way discounting their education, I respect many of them (work with them most days of the week)but I also know that the vast majority of health practitioners (and that includes me) simply regurgitate what they are told - usually by the pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical companies do not exist for the main purpose of helping people live healthier lives; it is a business, and very much a "crooked" one. Recently attended a seminar where a doctor (specializing in research put out by the pharma companies) gave a presentation on statins, one of the most over-prescribed medications; he showed us the faulty research; he had us laughing about the myth that eating an egg or two a day will raise your cholesterol. Basically, the take-home point was: follow the money. Guess where that goes? lol He also discussed how "useless" (his word) the A1C really is - but I won't get into that.

I am saying all this because I would like to see more patients (all patients, in fact) participate in their own health care delivery. Ask your doctor why a particular drug/regimen is being prescribed to you, do your own research, get other experts' opinions, don't assume that doctors cannot be mistaken, mislead, misinformed, or have some outdated information. Some people do need medications but, imho, most people do not.

I cannot tell you what you "need" to do, no-one here can. Each case is unique, really. Take an active interest in your own health, and all the best to you.

Type 2 and love it!
I was taking Lipitor and blood pressure pills. Now the blood pressure pills are also to help your kidneys so if you do have elevated blood pressure it may be a precaution to take them so you don't damage your kidneys. Dialysis don't look cute on most people.

When I took Lipitor from time to time I would get cramps in my feet and calves. This would happen mainly at night when I was still. I work at night so I am mostly moving at night. Then we I sit down to do paperwork the cramps would flare up. This is a side effect of the drug. Otherwise I haven't had too much of a problem with Lipitor working for me.

I recently had my endo appt and I actually brought up being stared on a statin. My cholesterol is waaaay normal and never had an issue. The reason I talked with her was about my risk factors…I have HTN and over 40. The theory for being on a statin is similar why diabetics take lisinopril to protect our kidneys or take a baby ASA to protect your heart. I am not even on a full dose…just take 10mg every other day. Bottom line is to talk to your doctor and see what is best for you. I haven’t experienced any side effects.

I too am an old ICU nurse and understand being jaded…but it what you chose with the information that you are given. I chose to take it even with a normal cholesterol level.

As you mentioned, Krztina, it's what one chooses to do with the info given. My decision to pass up the Lipitor is multifactorial, but the main reason is that I know the information provided to me was (and continues to be) inaccurate and misleading. Not really blaming the doctors/PAs, etc. as I too believed in the benefits of various meds and passed on (regurgitated, actually) the info I had learned/was given by the so-called experts, to my patients. No longer do that. If it works for you, however, that's what counts :-)

If you do not like cholesterol lowering medications you should consider adopting a vegan diet, that is what my partner and I do.

My partner controls her cholesterol that way. I still take statins, but vegan diet helps too.

For those that take a statin, I'm sure you are aware that statins deplete our bodies normal supply of coq10, so a supplement is important. It also raises homocysteine levels, so even though my cardiologist dismissed the idea of its efficacy in lowering homocysteine, b-12, b-6 and folic acid are helpful.

Someone mentioned leg and feet cramps with lipitor, it could also be a magnesium deficiency. Long time, high dose statin use can cause those symptoms along with muscle damage, but taking it "from time to time"? Maybe not so much.

A good quality fish oil is helpful in raising hdl & lowering triglycerides along with no flush b-3 (niacin). One needs to build up to the dose of niacin necessary which dpends on the individual. Research has shown it to be as effective as a statin. An interesting site is Dr. Duane Graveline at (a former NASA astronaut/surgeon).

thank you you said that.'He also discussed how "useless" (his word) the A1C really is - but I won't get into that.' I have 5,3 and diabetes is progressing , with all problems, I suspected that A1C is measleading.

thank you , I have stopped Metformin, BS is better now without metformin.the reason I checked were back pains, now I keep diet, with no grazing