Liquid and Soft Food Lo-Carb Ideas Needed

Dear All----Last tooth extraction I had was pre-diagnosis. I remember living on fruit/yogurt smoothies for a couple days. Not possible now. Any suggestions for a lo-carb approach to this difficulty? I do have a good lo-carb Greek yogurt on hand. The only fruit my BG can handle is a 1/2 cup serving of blueberries. And there’s cottage cheese. Any puddings that might work? I’ve lost touch with the dessert category!Thanks!..

sugar free jello and sugar free pudding

Can you handle “juicing”? Not just fruit juices, but the idea that almost any fruit, vegetable, or combination can be turned into a juice… tomato juice, carrot juice, celery juice, etc.

Also, try using silken tofu to add protein, and low-carb protein shakes such as Aria (made especially for women).

If you can get eggs that can be trusted raw, you can always add a raw egg or two to a milkshake type recipe.

Try almond milk (unsweetened) for a blueberry smoothie. 3g carbs per cup! I make mine with frozen BB or raspberries, almond milk, whey protein and sometimes a dollop of nut butter.

hey, Judith, just went thru that myself, I’m in the middle of a tooth implant. Thank God, the worst is over. Breakstone makes a very good 2% cottage cheese. I made smoothies with low fat yogurt (stoneyfield is really good) frozen 1/2 banana and some strawberries. jello has pretty good puddings in a cup (13 carbs). my favorite comfort food is potato leek soup, any of the Julia Child recipes. I also made steamed parsnips and put them thru the food processor. actually many veggies cooked are great smoothed, like carrots. you can thin them out with chicken stock for a soup. gazpacho


I highly recommend the Atkins shakes. I have one for breakfast every morning and they are loaded with all kinds of nutrients, plus they are filling and taste pretty good too. I’ve also tried the chocolate delight variety.

Hi Judith,
Have you tried the Sans Sucre brand of puddings/mousses? You make it with milk, and they are delicious I’ve had the chocolate flavor.


I had lost my molar in November, and I really missed my tooth. About a month ago, I got the post put in for the implant. I’m going to the dentist tomorrow to find out the next step. It was just as they told me: the extraction was worse than the implant, way worse. I didn’t need any pain meds for the implant, just ice compresses and soft foods for 2 weeks.
that fibromyalgia is a real bad thing, sorry you have it

Vegetable juices are very vitalising, but be sure to do it right. Use a press style juicer built for juicing vegetables. Sweeten with a little pressed fruit (eg pineapple, apple, berries). Make sure ingedients are pesticide free because juicing concentrates the pesticeds as well as the juice. Carots are worst for this and need to be organic. You can juice virtually any vegetable: beetroot, green beans, broccoli, etc.
I still use the “cabage soup”, from years ago when I tried the diet. I like it liquidised, then add your own flavours with spices & herbs. Some recipes here
but skip boullion : too much salt.

Just got a molar extraction today! For the first day, I can hardly eat, as mu mouth tastes of blood. Everything is less bloody now though. Soft food ideas, I bought papayas and dragon fruit. Papayas help speed up healing, as far as I know,because of the papain enzyme it has. and it is soft enough to chew without teeth.