List of health problems diabetics are more prone to:

2.blindness caused by retinopathy
3.heart disease
4.kidney failure
6.sexual disfunction
7.dementia (Caused when one has a lot of low sugars. Synapsis use sugar to fire at eachother. I have had a lot of low sugars. Thank goodness for my new CGM.)
9.yeast infections for women
10.large birth weights for pregnant diabetic women
11.gum disease

13.high sugar linked to enlarged prostrate.(conducted by University of California researchers and published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism) I think this is only with obese patients. diabetic men

I am sure I missed a few. Keeping our BGs in line as best as we can, exercising and eating a healthy diet cuts down on the risk of many of these health problems tremendously. At least we do not seem to be more prone to varicose veins. As a vegan who has not eaten pork, beef, lamb for 20 years and never liked dairy or eggs and has almost always been involved in exercising regularly, I hope I am not more prone to heart disease than the average joe.

Here are a couple more I forgot to post:

13. diabetic neuropathy

14. an increased risk of foot ulcers

15. There is a link between type 2 diabetes and an increased risk of colon cancer in men.(Reuters) 16. diabetics have a higher risk of death from cancer.BD Newsletter footnotes Reuters which footnotes findings originally published in The New England Journal of

How about insanity. Because doing all the testing, treating, and measuring is making me insane!

Don’t forget strength of character and patience.

I agree Renee…Strength.