Listen up, doc! Your forms are ugly

An open letter to my endo clinic:

I work really hard on my diabetes management. I am delighted when those efforts result in an on-target A1C result (because we all know that sometimes those same efforts don’t have the exact same pay-off).

So why can’t you deliver my A1C test results on an attractive form? Instead, I get an ugly, photocopied-umpteen-times, tan half sheet of paper with the number scrawled in a blank.

That just doesn’t cut it!

In fact, next time, I want the entire medical office staff to conga through my appointment room.

And, I would also like you to post a graph of the number of patients in your practice who hit A1C guidelines. No need to reveal personal info, I just want aggregate numbers. 'Cause if you truly support diabetes management as a team approach, then our numbers are your markers of success, too.

Just sayin’.

I would go one step further. Doctors should be paid for good results, not for how many tests they order.

Isn’t that how it works in the UK?

oh wouldn’t that be nice. my doctor rarely does tests. when he does it’s usually the standard A1c.

I would love to see them do the conga, lol. My doctor has a poster with a graph of the monthly average of all her patients. It goes back a few years. It’s usually between 7 and 8. I do my best to keep it lower, but it seems I’m outnumbered.

Go, Kat! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ to keep that average low!!