Live Big - Dream Big

I spent last Friday and Saturday with a group of amazing women who came together to recharge.

We met at a Conference Center near my home here in Connecticut where my husband Vinnie and I have done reupholstery and drapery work. Led by Dr. Cynthia Barnett, the retreat's focus was getting Re-Fired -Re-Charged - Re-Juvenated. On Friday afternoon the entire group focused on assessing our individual health and fitness beliefs and desires. We spent quality time working on our dreams and aspirations. Some we did not even know we had. We experienced guided meditation and a visit from a local phy

sician who spoke on women's health concerns on Saturday. After each of our group sessions, we shared a gourmet meal prepared by the center's staff and then, were free to exercise in the fully equipped gymmasium, swim in the indoor pool, walk the amazing property or sit and visit.

Saturday afternoon, I chose to walk indoors and then spent an hour catching up with a woman who I knew before I arrived but had not seen in decades. Like me, she is an entrepreneur. We were children together who grew up in the same neighborhood!

The fellowship and laughter the group shared over the 4 meals we had together, as well as during our breaks literally brought my blood sugar levels to a lower point than they had been in over a week.

Sometimes taking care of diabetes means going on a retreat near home and learning something new or setting up some new goals for our life. I am looking forward to returning to this special place next April to have another retreat. Who knows, maybe I'll arrive early this time and use the pool!

sounds like you had a wonderful time! I’m curious, what are they doing with the colored dots? Reminds me of using a design wall to plan a quilt.

Marie - the design dots are the sticky notes we used to write out 30 specific things we could do to move us closer to our goal/ideal health - We placed them onto the larger pages and were able to see what the others came up with. : )