Live Interview with Gary Scheiner TODAY

Our favorite Diabetes Educator from Integrated Diabetes Services is going to be with us again today, taking your toughest questions on type1 management. Here’s the info on times and how to participate.

If you’d like to ask a question, but are unable to attend, please comment right here. The event will be recorded for future watching. Hope to see you later today!

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i have been trying unsuccessfully to bolus for QUINOA. i have tried straight bolus, i have tried a multitude of different dual boluses (by way of my pump). i know that quinoa is not merely a carbohydrate, but a protein as well. do you have any suggestions on how to bolus for this very tasty and interesting food?

thank you,
Daisy Mae

For folks who have not seen it, there’s a button at the bottom of every event post, which will add the event to your google calendar.

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I can’t be there today because I have a class but, question for Gary, what are his recommendations for the best ways to deal with heat and diabetes? Heat makes me drop as I know it does many others.

Not a question, just an observation of recenty hard-won knowledge. I love coffee and drink a lot of it. I had an ah-ha realization recently that the reason my CGM and meter numbers suggested a much lower A1c number than the one the lab measured. Doing some reading made me realize that chronic dehydration concentrates glucose in the blood and drives up A1c numbers. What does he think of this?

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This was in “Sugar Surfing” too, BG is mg/DL so, if you add in more DL by drinking, mg/DL should go down!

he said be wary of lows, esp if you are outside in the heat, and be wary of insulin spoilage, heat is not a friend to insulin