Live life the paleo way!

Hi All !!

Whoa ! its been a long time since I have blogged.

Since I stumbled across this new path of diet which is "THE PALEO APPROACH" by Sarah Ballntyne, I, like every beginner, do have a lot of queries with this new found diet.

First things first ...
1)What is Paleo ?
2) Is AIP ( Auto immune protocol) diet the same as Paleo?
3) Low carb High fat Diet the same as paleo ?
4) Overall Paleo is L.C.H.F (Low carb High fat) or H.P.H.F (High Protein High Fat )?

Is it beneficial to follow this approach ? Since Im Type1D, my endocrinologist is a bit skeptical with high proteins and fats. Just curious to know if it is safe to follow.
Please pour in your Experiences if you have followed this diet..

Thanks a ton in advance..

I don't know that much about it other than that I believe you mostly avoid processed foods, eat lots of raw food although I believe they'd cook their meat. I have an amazing "History of Food" book that mentions that actual paleo people cooked by putting the food into a pot and tossing a rock, heated on the fire, into the pot rather than what we do, putting the food over the fire/ heat. I've not heard of paleo dieters going to that extreme. It's not exactly specifically low carb as I think you can eat fruit which has quite a few carbs, but it would cut out rice and bread. Although I'm not 100% sure about tubers/ potatoes on their plan as they were consumed during that time period however todays potatoes and sweet potatoes/ yams might be refined through selective crop management.

I think the way to find a safe diet is to figure the amount of calories you need and then break it down that way. I am sort of moderate carbs, 120-140/ day sometimes more, sometimes less. When I first joined Tu, I was involved in one of the debates and was skeptical about lower carbs but tried it for a week, which happened to be the first week I'd ever run > 30 miles, and felt fine from an energy standpoint, no problems of any sort running so I warmed up to that approach but simply have too many carbs and have literally burnt junior and mrs out on grilled meat so we have things with carbs occasionally. If you do the approach of calories, the food is broken down into protein/ fat/ carbs so if carbs go down the other two naturally will go up. I've strung together 4 really flat CGM lines in a row, which is my record as something always seems to happen, DP or some sort of binge or whatever, and that happened to be the first week I was doing T25, this sort of gonzo exercise program with videos and tracking my food tightly with an app "Lose It!" that provides a macronutrient ratio. And leads to snacking on cans of tuna, instead of carbs, to cook your numbers where you want them!

@acidrock23-Thanks for the elaborate info about your food lifestyle and the answers for my queries.. Would look forward for a change in my diet and let you know how it goes at the end a 1 month. :)

@dr_sunayana The AIP is the same as the general “paleo” now often described as simply nutrient dense, diet but with a few modifications to reduce feelings of inflammation.
When I was on a strict “paleo” diet, gluten free and low starch high fat eating seemed to help my blood sugars stabilize. I used less insulin, had less spikes after meals and so on…
The biggest trouble I had, and still have is that it takes commitment. You really need to become an advocate for your local farms and in season produce. You’ll learn a lot about the different industry standards for meat, and how they are often harmful both for the environment/animals and human health when left unchecked. Sometimes that commitment can be quite draining.