Liver related issues

Dear all.
I am type 1 diabetic, 33-M, for last 7 years. I recently went through lab tests. My HBA1C came as 7.9. More alarming thing however was to get high values of SGOT & SGPT. These are liver related numbers. I got SGOT reading 5 times higher than max limit of normal range. SGPT reading was 8 times higher that max limit of normal range. These numberss were perfectly normal 6 months ago. They are also Called Asparate Aminotransferase(SGOT) and Alanine Transaminase (SGPT).

Just wanted to know your thoughts before I see liver expert.

Those tests are enzymes. The new terms are AST and ALT. When ever I see the old terms sgot and sgpt I smile because they still put them on reports even though they haven’t been truly used in 25 years
But any way. This is your livers way of telling you it is troubled. Most likely from some medication.
Even ibuprophen can cause this in some people.
Statins are known for it.
Also hepatitis could cause it. There are 4 different ones abc and d. Only a and c are curable and many can recover from b. So there is that.

So I would look at your meds first.
The good news is that your liver repairs itself quite easily once you take away the irritant.


Thanks for this information. Most likely my higher AST & ALT are due to medications which include Novorapid and Lantus as I am not taking any other drugs. Second possibility could be untreated hypothyrodism.
I really appreciate.

I’ve never heard of insulin causing that , but just because I haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.
I also don’t know how low levels of thyroxine would do it either. I’m not a doctor, however I am a laboratory scientist.
So I can tell you what your numbers mean, but I can’t necessarily tell you why.
Update us on what you find out from your gastroEnterologist. .

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I think they recommend everybody over 65 get hep test, now. Ever since they found the cure for that one version of Hep - was it Hep C?

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Yes hep c is now curable. It does cause cancer in some people though, if they have it a long time. Hep b is still not curable but there is a vaccine.

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Hi, Just wanted to post an update. I consulted a gastroenterologist & based on High AST & ALT, he advised a no. of tests including hep. B, Hep. C, Autoimmune hepatitits, Fatty liver disease, Anti TPO antibodies & Ultrasound. I got negative thankfully for all except Anti TPO antibodies. i already had higher TSH levels. So now working on hypothyroid using thyroxine. Also will be repeating liver enzymes test in one month.