Living as a diabetic vs. dying of diabetes

I trully believe, as majority of you do as well, that you can control your diabetes and not let your diabetes control you. After saying the word diabetic a lot the past few days, I realized that the word die is said a lot. So, I’ve decided to go with “live”-abetic. Read the rest of my thoughts at The Life of a Diabetic.

Good blog Chris - I like the word “live”-abetic rather then diabetic! I’m pretty well the same as you in how I tell people about diabetes - to put the fear into them is something I try not to do to them. If I can be proof that a diabetic can lead a healthy and good life afer 41 years (I’m no angel as my devil horns show you) - then I will do my best to not bore them to death in my “bible thumping” of how to do it in 3 easy steps (hey - wonder if there’s a book out there yet with that title - want to coauther it with me? LOL). If I had time to do a search for it, you never know my idea could have been stolen. Tho’ I do have a book out from the library called “Diabetes for Dummies” - will be going thru’ that to see if I can learn more about “live”-abetes!
Anna from Montreal - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic