Living like it's the first time!

I am riding so high on life right now. I love being independent and doing great for being alone for the first time in my life. I am finding out new stuff every day about myself. Don’t think I am vein as that so isn’t me. It’s just fun figurig out who you are. I miss not working and having to retire too soon even though I worked 35 years. I thought I could work until I died. Live hard, play hard, and leave a legacy. Mine is in giving back to others. Love ya world!

You go girl! Wonderful positive outlook =)

There you go! Love that attitude!!!

I feel like beauty lies within and how you project that to the world. I take tai chi and work hard at keeping myself in a positive warm atmosphere. I can do anything!

This is life we have to compromise with present,do not look to past,nor future, bestrong

The victories bring joy, and new opportunities.
The defeats bring wisdom, strength,
determination, and new opportunities.
In this way, life moves continually forward.