Living with a broken body

Today is one of those days, where I just want to go home, climb into bed and rolll up.
Being a Type 1 Diabetic for 25 years, people would think it gets easier, but not really. I actually prefer when my mother use to regulate everything when I was small. It was just so much easier not to think about it. And to make matter worse, I am fearing August. Why? Because in August I will be going for my second chemotherapy session for my Thyroid cancer. Ugh!

My poor body cannot anymore. My skin is terrible, my hair is terrible, my nails are terrible. I am as pale and yellow as ever.
But anyhow, I am strong (I think), nothing I can do about it anyways. At least I have a supportive family, especially my mom, hubby and sista. Love those people to bits!

Sorry, maybe tomorrow will be a better day :slight_smile:

Wow! So glad you are strong and have a good support system. Hope everything goes well.

Vikki, there are all days when we would just like to toss the whole thing and say the heck with it. Those new to diabetes would sure like to say the heck with it and as you stated, after 25 years, so do you.

But you are strong. You have your family there and your family here. We are all pulling for you and praying for you. YOU ARE STRONG AND YOU CAN DO IT!!

Vikki, I did chemo too, I hated it so much, but it worked and I am still alive and kicking 20 years later. Stick it out, you will be glad you did. Hugs,

Im sending some positive thoughts your way.

Im sending some positive thoughts your way.

Thinking of you and sending good wishes your way and Strength. Keep the fight going, you are worth it. Love to you Sweetie.