Living with Diabetes contest entry: Group 1

How has diabetes affected my life?? Well, in many ways, I can pretend it hasn't. I go out with friends, have a few drinks, party hard, and have fun. But as I look around the table, I am the only one pulling out a lancet and testing my blood. I am the only one staring at my meal and mentally calculating how many units I need to inject. And I am certainly the only one to pull out a needle in the middle of a busy restaurant.

But in most ways, apart from the DKA's, the tests, the shots and the frequent sick days, Diabetes has improved my life. I have an understanding about myself, and a compassion for others that many of my friends will never have. It has shown me how to appreciate my health, and never to take my body for granted. It has introduced me to some of the most beautiful people on earth, and I thank Diabetes for some of my best friends.

Some days I would love to take Diabetes by the proverbial throat and strangle it. To quote one of my little heroes, Emily, I wish diabetes would explode. But then I think of the love and friendships I would have missed, the games of BG bingo, and the laughter I have shared over crazy hypos and silly poems.

Some days I can even praise God for giving it to me.

Well said. I never tried BG bingo, but it sounds fun. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.