LIVING with Diabetes Contest Entry: Group 3

Fourteen months ago life changed as we knew it. My son Dean was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two weeks after his high school graduation. Within a few weeks he would be on an insulin pump, and we would be on our way to understanding the ins and outs of living with diabetes. You could say we pushed the fast forward button on the DVR of Life so that Dean would be well prepared for his freshman year at Ohio State.

As a mom sending your first child off to college, this alone is a heart-wrenching proposition. To find yourself sending your son to balance insulin ratios, carb counts and activity levels with backup batteries, insulin and infusion sites is beyond comprehension. "Study hard son, and stay alive please!"

You want to place the neon red glucagon by the dorm room door frame for all the roommates to have easy access, and you pray the roommates have the courage to use the glucagon in the case of this type of emergency. You lie awake wondering if your child, miles away, has made it in for the night - blood sugar controlled. With cell phone in pocket everywhere you go, you live to receive the next text message.

My mom reality you see is that it's my son who is living with diabetes, and in this movie playing in the DVR I play a supporting role to his main - a role I play with open arms and open heart and one I wish I could reverse.

You and Dean inspire me. It is hard having a little one who is dependant on me for everything including his diabetes. But your family shows me how courageous it is to be a parent of a young man with diabetes. Give your son a big hug from us.