Living with Diabetes is better than suffering with diabetes!

Just to share the pictures of Manoel after his first Surf Class at Serrambi Beach. Manoel is using a Omnipod and his basal during that day was set to -50% (No Low's and no Hi's). Surfing is better than suffering with diabetes. :) :) ![|640x480](upload://nZ7s6wmAHzHb1jbz4VUCZxyqjj8.jpeg)

Yeah! Surf's up, little guy! Looks like fun.

What a handsome boy! He looks joyful.

Hi Gerri and LaGuitariste thank you for the NICEST comments :):)

Oh my goodness, he's too cute, and what a smile! Totally agree with your sentiments. I try to have my diabetes live with me, no need to suffer!

Wow! He is *a lot* better @ surfing than I am!