Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

Location location location, is thought to be the three most important factors in the value of property. I learned this early in life, because I grew up in a nice house that my mother used to say, “I wish I could pick this up and move it to the South end of town”. Mom liked her house a lot, but she did not care for her neighborhood.

Later in life I could have told mom that the reason she had her house was because of the neighborhood. People tend to miss that point. When I worked for the city people would often call and say the city needs to put in sidewalks. I would explain that sidewalks are the responsibility of the homeowner. They would often complain that the people in south end did not have to pay for them to be put in, and they didn’t want to pay either. I would explain that the developer put them in and that would inevitably be when they would say, yes see they did not pay to put them in. But I would explain, in a sense they did because they bought the property from the developer, so the developer of the property just passed the cost on to them. No one believed me and even those that sort of believed me refused to put it together.

It’s true, location means everything, and no doubt one pays for location. You want the best location you pay the price. Mom never believed it. She forgot that the reason she and dad bought the land that the house occupied, was that it was cheap. It was cheap because it was not in a desirable location. One pays for what one gets.

I am reminded by this when I chose a pump site. How much would my pump pay for being located in the best place? Is my leg the best place? My abdomen, or some people use the arm or breast, are they better locations? I place my pump in one of four locations and have ever since I started pumping. Sometimes when a site fails, I explain to the pump, that if I could afford a different location it might work better. I don’t think my pump agrees with me anymore than my mother when I would explain it to her. In fact my pump wants something for nothing; it wants the best spots with every site I choose. I just don’t know what site that is. Because of the line, it cannot go on my arm, my forehead would look funny, and my foot would be inconvenient. So the pump has to stay pretty much in one of the four spots.

I did try my butt once, but that did not work. It just ripped out in pretty short order. I thought of my back but it hurt too much and my wife objected to my neck. So, have I chosen the correct real estate? Does my pump have real estate envy? Do I need to pay more so I can get my pump its sidewalk? This much is clear, it is all about location. Now, if I could just find the right one. Oh and by the way, my foot is not it.



my best location is my belly & it works fine for me

hahaha lots nor is my neck. LOL

And then there's the almost total loss of locations... Once upon a time I enjoyed my Med. pump, complete with tubing and bubbles in the cartridge, etc., but as my body changed I lost all locations for pump sites except for a couple on my belly. Happily there are enough locations left here and there for MDI!

Lots, there's got to be enough tissue to hold a needle or cannula. My thighs, for instance, had been very good for pump sites, but as I got older and lost weight, the tissue just mostly disappeared. Fortunately, I never had any scarring of skin/tissue. I did learn a lot from using the pump, and am doing OK on MDI; with a little more discipline in my choice of foods, I'd no doubt do even better!