Log book challenge 2009!

I know that I am HORRIBLE at keeping a log book, i think I’ve managed to keep a log book for little over 2 years out of almost 13, and it wasn’t a consistant 2 years either, more like 2 months out of a year LOL.

So heres the challenge…

Keep a log book up to date daily.

Sounds simple enough, but Im sure for many of us its going to be a real long battle :wink:

who wants to join? Maybe we can post a daily average at the end of the day or a weekly average, just for some added fun?

We will track daily and weekly averages as well as exercise, using a points system, the person with the most points at the end of the month can feel very special! Or I could make a string “friendship” bracelet or something :slight_smile:

March’s contest will go on until the last day of April since we are already half way through

daily averages:
300 or higher: 0 points
200-299: 1 point
130-199: 2 points
90-129: 3 points
65-89: 4 points

weekly averages:
300 or higher: 0 points
200-299: 1 point
130-199: 3 points
90-129: 4 points
65-89: 5 points

Exercise (can be earned daily NO CHEATING)
5-15 minutes: 1 point
16-30 minutes: 2 points
31-45 minutes: 3 points
46- 1 hour: 4 points
1hour+ : 5 points

weekly exercise bonus:
1 point for every day you exercised!

You can join anytime, just make sure you list the day you joined

Hmm…you’ve got me interested! Are we just doing blood sugars? Well…I guess I’m not sure what else I would keep track of. :slight_smile:

Hello All, My daughter hates writing in her log book, for one they are sooooo small, its hard to write in them and then read them later. Also there is no room to write little notes in them. We like the ones from Bayer but since we dont use there meter they wont send us more, so were stuck with these tiny books, that are hard to write in. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!! Thanks…Sorry if its off topic.

Funny, I was JUST reading about this.

The book “Using Insulin” recommends a chart like this : http://www.diabetesnet.com/pdfs/smart_chart.pdf. You could probably print that one out, or there’s a link on that page where you can order them in booklet form.

I use a web site called www.sugarstats.com. It’s very convenient for me, as I work at a computer all day. I’m guessing it’s LESS convenient if you don’t have that luxury :slight_smile:

Good luck! I log everything - food, meds, activity, insulin. It’s been a great help to be able to identify patterns or even just refer back to for insulin dosage info.

hmm interesting, if i could afford to keep up i would join but i don’t have very much money for test strips at the moment. I print out log book pages from http://www.lifescan.com/products/booklets/logbook/ and i write all over them. I make sure the printer prints it as one big page. Stick it on the fridge or in a notebook.

it doesnt matter how many times you test, its all about logging the times you do test

I use the disetronic insulin pump therapy record book. I get them from my doctor for free, but if you go to their site www.disetronic-direct.com it looks like they are free to order anyway.

the top page has the times and boxes while the page below has lots of room to write everything in

yeah we can do just blood sugars. should we report our daily averages? weekly averages?

oh, and if we could all just explain what happened if our averages are really high and what we did to correct them, that would be a great teaching situation for those new to diabetes :slight_smile:

March 19th
blood sugar average: 178 (had a bad site change this morning and i was taming high readings well until noon)
exercise: 2.5 hours of mall walking and pushing my goddaughter (who is 2months old) in the stroller up steep ramps :slight_smile:

total points: 7


I don’t use a paper book… When my new endo handed me one I looked at him like he just grew a second head. I use Islet on my Iphone, along with fatwatch to keep my weights along with statistics and charts and graphs so I can see me gaining or losing over time.


this sounds cool!

March 19th
DAILY AVG: 113 [high: 189, low:60]
no exercise yesterday x[

3 points

i think 65-89 might be kinda low for people.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA)2 suggests:
before meal – 70-130 mg/dl (3.9-7.2 mmol/l)
after meal - (1-2 hours) - <180 mg/dl (<10.0 mmol/l)

A1c (three month blood sugar average) – 7.0% or lower

Thankfully my Minimed does a wonderful job at this because the thought of keeping a log book is on the same line as balancing a checkbook. I hate it and therefore it will never happen…I do like your spirit though!! Good luck-Dave

I’m way too lazy to do a logbook, but my CGMS download every 3 months is more helpful I think, and is compatible with my laziness. :slight_smile:

it might be low, but there are some people who can and do achieve that, so thats why I made it an option (and hopefully they are more in the mid-80s range)

previous points: 7

yesterday, march 20th
Average: 176

total so far: 9

(my average is screwy, had a bad low at 55 in the morning, then chasing the “omg i overtreated” highs, then I crashed again from overtreating, then i kept myself in the 180s for the night because I was at my boyfriends concert running around and the bass lines in some of their songs make me shaky, making me think im low)

Im so excited people are participating! Logging numbers is not fun and living with diabetes can be so serious so why not make taking care of ourselves a fun game?!!

keep it up everyone!

113 isnt bad! awesome work!

yep, you converted it right :slight_smile:

I like this converter…


way to go one the run!!!