Logging what's what with glucose by taking your blood levels online with CareLogger

February 2nd, 2010 -- Dan McGrady After my winter vacation had to be rescheduled last minute, I ended up having a few days of free time after christmas. I decided to use this time to start a small side project called CareLogger a diabetes log book. CareLogger is a tool for diabetics to keep track of glucose levels, blood pressure and when they take medication. We soft-launched about a week ago and so far 70
people have signed up which we’re really excited about.
It so happened that I was looking for an online diabetes resource after playing with the LifeForm program (which i had found data intense, prone to shut down and clunky). While CareLogger isn't the only webside application and maybe it suffers from Beta nerves , it's a very easy-to-use interface with some data facilities that make manipulating your statistics an easy entry business.

I'm really interested in logging my blood glucose levels in sync with a food intake record and CareLogger delivers that pro tem. Although I cannot save my data to file nor export it, I can nonetheless print out a log record by formatting my preferences.

There are issues of course: I've frozen up a couple of times, the page is not always accessible and the print outs need to be engineered a bit to have a more logical layout, but here you have one happy logger who is keen to put up with the teething problems to see what the platform can deliver.
February 2nd, 2010 -- Dan McGrady: The idea came after me and my collaborator on this project, Nick Van Nuil from Dalmeny, discovered after speaking to a few people that there was a serious lack of tools online for diabetics. ..So we spent 3 days creating a web application, with the idea of having a tool that will allow people with diabetes to track their illness from any web browser (and possibly a iPhone application in the future, if there’s demand). Right now we have no plans to charge money or display ads on the application. It was a great exercise in creating a minimum viable product as well as learning how to build a community and helping people manage their illness along the way.
CareLogger is a simple tool and does what it sets out to do. Nothing more/nothing less. Despite a few bug issues, I love it . While there may only be only a few hundred of us CareLogger types thus far I reckon we are part of an exciting project that perhaps suits many of us to a T.

So Dan and Nick -- thumbs up and thanks!

Thoughts: the link you provide above (/overview) leads to just a page to log in.

First Impressions: smooth looking. nicely put together. haven’t checked accessibility yet

Second impressions: once I signed up (easy to do), the overview link is now viewable. Adding categories was easy. Entering data was easy.

Overall: great site! I think I will like this. Any chance of a iPhone/Touch app to upload info like Glucose Buddy does?

I don 't run the site . I’m just a visitor who came upon it… I warn you that it is twitchy and for now is unreliable in way of access.But I’m sticking with it as data entry is easy and customizable.

It is a hobby project – as much as the prgrammers tell us so you cannot expect absolute performance. There’s gonna be glitches.

Ah! I see the quote marks now! (slaps forehead)

Thanks for pointing the site out, tho!