Has anyone heard from Lois today? I’m wondering how she is doing since her surgery.

I am trying to get through to her, but her line is busy. I will update if I can get in touch with her. Thank you

Robyn, tell her that many of us are praying for her comfort and speedy recovery and looking forward to her return. big hugs from marie for her!

I sure will Marie. xo

Yes, let her know many are thinking & praying for her recovery.

Yeah, has anyone heard from me? I’m wondering how I am too. Just my luck everybody in my unkle’s (sp?) monkey is calling me and I can’t get through to me!!

Well, I’ve been through 2 sessions of OT and 2 of PT; I’ve had 2 visitors 2 times today; I’ve had a gazillion calls today. Busy, busy girl I am.

Hey, how are you all? I’m doing OK except for a lot of phantom pain. You’d think that whoever has the voodoo doll of me would just quit playing around with me. Isn’t it enough to torture me for years?

I’m bummed out because I was told that this visit would be covered by Medicare because I got out of rehab 12/5 and didn’t go back to rehab til after 2/5. Then someone told me that I had to be out from the end of rehab to ENTRY INTO THE HOSPITAL, not rehab!!! I would have tried to forestall the surgery for another 60 days, although I think the DRs would not want that because you never know how fast an infection in the bone will travel to other body parts and kill you. Ummmmm.

Well bye bye for now!


Oh Lois…you’re always lovely and funny… your spirit is so amazing! So glad to hear from you…you …busy busy girl, LOL! I lighted a candle for you at church today = ) My thoughts and prayers are with you…

Thanks all. Time for me to turn in for now!!! I’m wiped out!


Im glad you still have your wit to you, Speedy recovery and healing. Keeping you in my thoughts

Sorry the phone calls were short and interrupted …you ARE a busy girl. Maybe try again tomorrow, Hope you get some good rest.

Lois I do hope you rest and focus on yourself. You have been through so much physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. You need to sort through all of these changes. PT, OT want you moving. They like to get the patient to rehab because they will totally focus on you to begin to get around safely and return home. This will take time & patience. Phantom pain is different for each person. My sister went thru this for sometime. It subsides & some pain med’s help… I know this sounds strange! My sister could still feel her leg & foot at times & actually try to get up & walk. Be careful.
Take care & let others do the same for you.
Fondly, Ann


Yeah, that scares me. This a.m. I was on my way to PT in a wheelchair when I caught myself holding my left leg up so the foot wouldn’t drag on the floor!!! I can see popping out of bed late one a.m. thinking I’m late and landing flat on my nose!! Well, I’ll get used to it.


Love you Lois and my thoughts and prayers are with you

Sending Love Pictures, Images and Photos

Just thinking about you wishing you a good day !!!