Long Acting Insulin

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A question was posed to me via email today on what I thought about Lantus since both of my children use it.

What is your experience with Lantus as a long acting insulin? ”My son” is on Protophane and seems to work well but I have heard that Lantus doesn’t have the peaks of Protophane and gives better control.
My only experience with Long Acting Insulin is Lantus or Humulin (so glad those days are over). We have had beautiful results with Lantus. Martin only takes Lantus at night and Kelsey takes it both morning and night. We went to a split time shot once she went into puberty.

I would like to open a discussion to help this reader out. Could you please post your thoughts on Lantus, Protophane or any other long acting insulin you may use.

I appreciate everyone’s help.

I did not link Protophane because I was unsuccessful in finding the info about this medication from the manufacturer. There is a lot written about the drug itself if you google it.