Long distance cycling (need insulin?)

Biggest difference for me - and I bike, ski, etc - is how much insulin I have on board. Low insulin = little movement. But recent meal with bolus = glucose plummets and I need to take lots of extra sugar.
I have a reduced basal profile in my pump called “weekend mode” that I engage and for me this results in less need for gels, Gatorade, juice, and granola bars.
Having pump and CGM does make this management easier!


The old saying never leave home with out one, hold very true to insulin users.
Most of the time I ride I don’t need to bolus. But there have been times I have.
There various manufactures of vacuum bottles made for carrying insulin and other pens , plus vials of insulin. All have a a iced gel sleeve for keep it cool. The one I use can last for three day in a car…
I have never heard of vibrations being a problem with pens.
On my trike the vacuum bottle rides in a water bottle holder as I use a Camelback for water.
Hope all goes well with your rides.