Long Road: From Cairo to Cape Town - The WHOLE documentary!

Here we go! The final installment of LONG ROAD: From Cairo to Cape Town was made public today! To make things easier, I have posted all three of the documentary segments here. The third and final segment is at the bottom of this post!

For those who haven’t been following… here’s the scoop!

Long Road: From Cairo to Cape Town is a three part documentary produced by and following fellow T1 Connected in Motion Slipstreamer (see definition of Slipstreamer HERE) Jonny White on his cross Africa adventures.

LONG ROAD follows Jonny as he attempts the most grueling race in the world - The Tour D’Afrique. On his 120 day, 12,000km jouney from North Africa (Cairo) to Southern Africa (Cape Town), Jonny shows what it truly means to be living without limits with diabetes.

I wanted to be sure to share this inspiring journey with everyone! See the original posts here: LONG ROAD

As always, I’ll be sure to get any feedback/words of encouragement/simple hellos into the hands of Jonny.





Wow! That is freaking awesome! You aren't T1, you are TEFI diabetes!! What sort of bike did you ride, or do you bring a couple? So the cost is 8900 Euros? does that include all the support and everything (minus insulin, pump gizmos, Johnny Walker, etc...)? I dunno if I can spare 4 months until junior moves out but the trip looks spectacular. The movie was pretty entertaining too. Thanks for sharing it!

THanks Danny and Acidrocks23! I passed these on to Jonny and will post his reply when I get one! Hope the new year is going great!

Thanks acidrocks. I rode a specialized stumpjumper. It lasted as well as some other bikes on the tour that were 10 times the price. We would just lock out our shocks on the pavement and change to slicks or road tires. You’re right about the cost. They’re a pretty friendly bunch at TDA (www.tourdafrique.com). If you have questions about the tour, just fire them off to them or give them a call, or you can continue asking me. Thanks for your interest and comments.

Thanks Danny,
It’s funny but it really didn’t feel that hard by the end. We were so used to it. It was the same as getting up and going to work.

The first week, on the other hand, or the first week in the desert were a different story.

All my best,