Longing for a Life Changing Event

I ran into a guy (let’s call him John) at the tennis club yesterday who I had not seen in about seven years. We used to play tennis often. John is a great player with superb ball control skills.

It was fortunate that John was a strong opponent because he relied on others to pick him up from home and drive him to the courts. You see, John had seizures on a regular basis and was unable to have a driver’s license. Because he could not live alone and had to be checked on frequently, he lived with his parents into his 40’s. He did not attend four-year college because of his health issues and was limited to jobs within a few blocks from his home.

John had a seizure once when we were on court. He sort of blanked out and suddenly went limp. Luckily, we were also playing with a big guy who was able to catch him. I felt helpless and scared and understood right then what others must feel like watching a T1 in the throes of a bad hypo.

Anyway, so John mentioned he was now working across the street from the club (which was many miles from his parents’ home). I naturally asked him how he was able to get to work every day.

He got this big smile on his face and said he had experimental brain surgery five years earlier that completely cured him of having seizures. He said the surgery was five hours long and had never been done in the United States before. I asked John: weren’t you scared? And he said with a bigger smile: no, I just wanted to be fixed and get on with my life.

The surgery was life changing event for John. And, as an Old Schooler, I fantasize about whether I will ever have a similar event in my lifetime. I wonder if I could ever tell people who asked about my diabetes, “Oh that! I had a pig cell implant done five years ago and don’t take insulin anymore.”

I’m sure that after 40+ years, John thought he would have seizures forever and have to endure the limitations and restrictions that came along with them. And then suddenly a cure happened for him. It gives me hope, even after having D for all these years, that maybe my life changing event is yet to come.

Fingers Crossed :). Though with the increase in demand for medications and accordingly revenues made by the med companies, i doubt it would be fast enough. This reminds me of the oil companies vs alternative energy invention :slight_smile:

I believe a cure will come in her lifetime, but viable therapy such as Smart Insulin or islet transplants without immunosuppressants will come first. Would prefer either of these to the AP, but will jump on any improvement.

Ive always believe on the saying: "Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier…"That perhaps someday (may not be in my lifetime…), man’s nature of greed can turn into unconditional compassion…

yep I’m praying for the best but preparing for the worst. it is great to hear that story though thanks!