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Here are a few of mine:

Here are a few others about people dying from insulin price gouging:

And some more on gouging:

So yeah, totally a suppressed topic around here, gotta say.

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Whoa crazy! Thanks for mentioning this camp. I had actually gone to one year of this camp soon after I was diagnosed as a kid but completely forgot the name.


Once again I wake up in the morning thanking God that my parents had the good sense to immigrate to Canada and not the US when they left Europe after WWII. I am a type II diabetic and do not require insulin injections as I manage just fine with a combination of exercise (walking) diet (restricting carbs to ones that are low on the GI index) and a low dose of medications. As I am retired I do appreciate that all my required medications for blood pressure, cholesterol etc. are covered, that I pay $45 a year for a bus pass that gets me anywhere I want in the province and back, free glasses every third year and a grand worth of dental care every second year, and last but not least free access to a doctor or hospital anytime I need it. Mostly thanks to a prairie preacher, Tommy Douglas, who ended up bringing universal health care to Canada almost a century ago. And no, socialist medicine as some Americans prefer to call it, has not resulted in everyone growing ingrown toenails or some other disaster, but has ended up providing everyone with what should be a basic human right, affordable healthcare. Americans just don’t get it, with poor people arguing against Obamacare etc. It is what sociologists call the London East End syndrome, where impoverished people in the poor areas of London vote for the Tories (conservatives) thinking that one day they will be rich, which of course never happens.

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I’m thrilled for your access to excellent care, but I’m afraid you just don’t understand the American politics on this one. Obamacare didn’t promise government healthcare…it forced people to buy private insurance out of pocket. Policy prices skyrocketed from already too-expensive-for-many-to-afford to impossible-for-even-more-people-to-afford, because the new regulations forced insurance companies to ignore pre-existing conditions… So they just raised prices across the board for EVERYONE. On top of that, they added a penalty to our federal income tax if you couldn’t prove you were insured for the year. So if you’re too poor to buy it, they take even more of what you don’t have. It was a penalty that did no good and only served to punish people for being poor. There’s a reason it’s called the “UNaffordable care act”. The struggling masses got screwed. Not to mention that employment with benefits had become near impossible to find outside of white-collar cushy offices or government work. Most companies set minimum hours per week to be eligible for benefits, and bent over backwards to schedule their employees just under that minimum.

I existed in that bubble for a long time. I made too much money, was too single, and too childless to qualify for assistance, but I was barely scraping by and praying for that next commission check. There was barely money for food and a roof, let alone an extra $800/mo in insurance premiums. I paid out of pocket for $24 generic humulin Walmart insulin and did the best I could with what I could afford, and then bent over for my spanking from good ol’ Uncle Sam when he came to collect his penance.

Trust me, Americans DO get it. We would love to have coverage like you do. Unfortunately our government is controlled by corporate lobbyists, and not the common man.

There’s a LOT America does right… But government isn’t one of them.

My daughter is married to an American and lives in Washington state where she is the CEO of an organization that provides support to adults with disabilities including diabetes.
I have had a chance to compare the American healthcare experience with the Canadian one and frankly the American experience stinks. Imagine the billions of dollars every year that American health insurance companies and their administrators are grabbing of the available health care dollars, along with all their associates, and imagine if, like in Canada, health insurance is all taken care of by a regulated government agency. Well I am retired and approaching my 70s and quite happy I do not have to worry about health insurance. If I ever need an ambulance it is a phone call away as is the nearest hospital. All my prescriptions and doctor visits are FREE paid for by taxpayers. I know that is hard for Americans to absorb. after being brainwashed by tv and newspapers to think they live in the greatest country in the world.
But surprise, they do not. Canada beats out the US anyday.

I think I misunderstood your comment then. It sounded like you were lobbying for Obamacare as our answer, and silly poor people for rebelling against it. I retract my diatribe!