Look at this :D

Okay, i’m really happy :smiley: Just uploaded all my data from my Omnipod to the computer, and then it gave me my averages for all my meal times, days, etc

The Sunday average isn't accurate because i have two cases of it giving me a false reading that was 400 or so, and it threw that average for that time off :/

The file is a PDF which most computers should be able to read... feel free to look at it and let me know where you think i might be able to improve :)

EDIT: I haven't really set the times in CoPilot as i don't have any real schedual during the summer... the dinner and lunch times are mostly right, but the others are completely off.
6231-Averages.pdf (559 KB)

Wow that is FANTASTIC!!!

Keep it up!

Wow - that’s great!

That is awesome, great job!!!

Excellent numbers. Good work. I think there’s a way to exclude values in Co-Pilot. Perhaps if you mark them as “control” they will get taken out of the mix for the averages. I’m new to Co-Pilot so it’s entirely possible that I don’t know what I’m talking about. So if I’m wrong, please be kind.

I just tried that, but it won’t let me edit the readings for some reason :confused:

I’ll keep that in mind though. I know i can do that on the PDM, so i’ll probably just start doing that if i have a result that’s not right.

Good job on that ! keep that way !

I like what I’m seeing there. Way to go Stephen.

Awesome! Wishing you the same readings forever.

Wow stephen… I only dream of those numbers! Congrats!

Wow stephen… I only dream of those numbers! Congrats!

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

I’ve been working on my basal rates a lot so that i won’t crash randomly, and i’m really glad i finally got it worked out. It took a while, but i’ve been averaging about 97 for the last 2 weeks, so i’m really happy. I think my I:C ratio is still a bit off at night though, as i always end up low after i eat. :confused:

It looks good to me. Way to go.

This is wonderful! So normal!

My 16 year old son just went on Omnipod mid June and is still working on his basal rates also. I hope he does this well when we get everything worked out. He is loving some of the decrease basal rates (for ice hockey) and extend functions. They have already moderated his highs somewhat.

I only hope that my son can do as well. He already feels better on the pump. I don’t know if it is the insulin more often or just being nearer to normal range. Do you feel better ?