Look what I can do!

I know I've said before that diabetes limits me. But yesterday I found something that I CAN DO.

I moved this giant rock about 300 yards UP HILL!

My sister was in the woods yesterday and found this. When I got home from work, she asked me to help her move it. I said yes, not knowing that this thing was MASSIVE. I could barely life the thing into the wheelbarrow! My sister said we could quit at any time, but I never did :slight_smile:


I broke our wheelbarrow getting it up here, but I think it was worth it!
Diabetes or not, this thing was a challenge!

Wow, that's an unusual rock. It feels good to be strong, doesn't it? You're growing up!

yeah, its been outside for about 20 years. it cracked when i dropped it in there (i only dropped it about 6 inches...) and then bent really bad at the crack when i dumped it out

That's one really nice looking rock. Wanna carry it to Delaware for me? :)

nope! lol. my back is already killing me!

Woa! A huge rock indeed. Whats next? "Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound..." :)

Wow, that's huge. Really something to haul something that weighs close to or more than you do!

Nice work. Well done!!