Looking at getting a D.A.D. and a tattoo apprenticeship

So I've been approved to go forward with getting a tattoo apprenticeship as I've been working with Vocational Rehabilitation as I have other issues from my diabetes. Some of you already know that I've been T1 since October 2000. In July 2008, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. Just recently in February I was diagnosed with the starting of retinopathy. Luckily it has gotten better at my last checkup. The bleed that they were worried about has went away but the vascular part of my eyes are still swelling. With the help of my OmniPod system I've been able to keep better control of my diabetes but its not helping my neuropathy at all. They are thinking its more than just diabetic neuropathy and I probably have some nerves pinched in my spine as well. I'm supposed to be getting an MRI to see if there are some but my insurance isn't being too helpful with getting that.

As for the D.A.D. I'm waiting to see if they will be able to help with that. I have a local woman who breeds Labs specifically for diabetic alert dogs and then helps with the self-training aspect of it. Hopefully that is approved soon as I have hypo unawareness.

T1 since October 2000
Pumping with OmniPod since October 2011
Pumped with MiniMed 2005 to 2006
Momma to Trysten born 8/23/2011
Step Momma to Derreck born 9/20/05