Looking for a buddy!

Alas, I’m on the other side of the country as well . . . but we’re all here for each other, and that’s what makes this site so great!

Nice, I’ll do that, thanks for the idea! I’ve never been to diabetes camp, always wanted to, it just never actually happened :frowning:

i guess im not the only one like that unfortunately i live in texas, well the border with mexico. I’ve been having diabetes since i was 10 months old and now im gonna turn 20 in december 19, i’ve never had a friend or best friend with diabetes. I always wanted to share an experience like that. You know how friends share every secret or almost EVERYTHING so yeah. And no its not pathetic. I think all of us would like to have a diabetic friend too.

Hi there…

Well like all the others I’d love to be your buddy but I live even further away than everyone else… Australia is quite a distance hey…!!!

Happy to chat though as its always nice to get things off your chest…

Take care


Looks like I need to move to the Bay Area.

Hi Joanie, Your post caught my attention because I think it would be nice to have a friend who understands how I feel too, it is hard being at work and around people that look at you weird because you are lightheaded and have to eat now, I always feel kind of whimpy and needy but I am not. Just need people to understand. I am Denise, 38 yrs old, I live now in Mountain View, CA. If you are interested in chatting or meeting sometime I would like that. I am an RN, very active, and I am married with no children. Here is my email address if you would like to talk dscott3308@hotmail.com. Denise Doscher

lol if i lived near you id totally be your buddy :slight_smile: sadly i dont live near you. and its not pathetic. today my bg was all over the place and i needed some one who knew what i was goin through

Im here in michigan, so no help to you :frowning:

You never thinking about it when you are growing, but we always find someone that is just like us, then something happens…like getting diabetes, and all of a sudden you don’t have so much in common. I am amazed at how many people just like me have diabetes…It may be online, but it’s nice having someone that you can chat with and know they know what you are going through…people around you will say they understand how you are feeling, but unless they have to do the testing and poking and such they will never know…I would love to be your buddy…I am not near the bay area, but I am in california, and would like to get to know you…I have yahoo: debra_dawn_99
Hope to talk to you soon

I know what you mean. I don’t know any type one diabetics outside of my self, at this point. I don’t really even have any online. Unfortunately I don’t live in the Bay Area – I’m in Central Florida currently. Though my husband and I have our sights on moving there at some point (we fell in love with the SF area when we visited it last Winter!), but I am online! I have a (really, really new) blog insulinosaurus.wordpress.com and my AIM screenname is visualcurrent.

I was diagnosed at 12 in the summer of 1994, and am about to go on a pump. I’m in programming right now but plan to get a second B.A in graphic design in the near future. :slight_smile:


I just checked out your blog and you will love the PING. You can check out my pumping blog (I started on the Animas 2020 this July - right before the Ping came out).