Looking for a g6 sensor

I’m waiting for a shipment of g6 sensors. While dexcom says production isnt affected by corona virus, their processing definitely is. I know it’s a long shot but thought I’d ask if anyone local to the Northwest corner of CT has a g6 sensor. Of course I will give you one in return when my order comes in. Thanks for reading this!

Jean ,I’m in the same boat as of today. I use a supply other then Dexcom themselves. I noticed the the day I start my last sensor. Of course they had to go to my Dr. to verify.
Got a call from my Doc wanting their Fax #
Long story, i tried several of the on line blogs on how to restart a sensor. Guess what. NONE of them worked.
I liked , with the G5 I got an extra sensor every other month.
For now a lot of finger sticking

This restart method has worked with the newer transmitters, the old restart methods do not. Several of us with all ranges of transmitters have used it.
(There is always the “so far” problem as Dexcom tries to stop us as soon as they can)

This is the best way to build a back up supply just for when it’s needed.

  1. Let Sensor expire or stop sensor
  2. Remove Transmitter (using a contour next strip, thin card, or guitar pick etc) leaving your sensor still in place
  3. Wait at least 30 minutes, longer is okay
  4. Snap Transmitter back in
  5. Start Sensor with your original code
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Thanks so much for this handy tip!!

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I feel really lucky that I got a message tonight that my order is shipping. I figured I’m not the only one whose been stressed about supplies. Good luck to you!

That is good news!! Out of curiosity, do you have Medicare and do you normally get them as 30 or 90 days? Medicare is making me crazy with cutting it too close with their 30 day sensor fills (some people have been able to get 90 days with Medicare but, companies that are doing that are either risking taking a hit- because Medicare will only pay them 30 days at time or something else).

Actually 15 minutes does just fine.

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Good to know!!! Thank You! I set a timer for 30, I remember thinking about trying a shorter time but never had yet.

I’m on my first G6 sensor. The 10 day expiration is tomorrow at about 10 AM, but I will be on the road heading to a doctor’s appointment then. So I decided to try my restart today so I would have plenty of time to react if it doesn’t work. My transmitter serial number starts with 81G, and I am using a t:flex X2 and an iPhone 11 as my receivers. Here’s the protocol I used:

  • stopped the sensor session using the phone
  • removed the transmitter from the sensor
  • set a timer for 15 minutes and waited for it to finish
  • at the end of the 15 minutes, re-inserted the transmitter
  • restarted a sensor session, using the code for this sensor

I know that protocol has been listed here before, but I wanted to document exactly what I did.

I’m now waiting for the two hour warm-up to finish (currently 1:45 left), but so far no error messages.


You should be golden. Sounds right. I use the t:slim, not t:flex (I didn’t even know there was an x2 version of the t:flex). Personally, I like to use the pump to start/stop/restart sensors. I’ve noticed a lot more leeway in the pump software than anything frequently updated by Dexcom directly. The pump isn’t learning new ways to prevent restarts.

My mistake. Mine is a t:slim, not a t:flex. The flex was my old pump. I’m too used to typing t:flex.

I have restarted many G6, and find it works better for me to start 2nd session without code. Others appear to work ok doing with code.

Once I put in a couple readings, it seems to get on track, and I ignore further requests for calibrations. xDrip continues without prompt for calibrations, but I check meter BG if see number I don’t expect.

I am so glad someone knows some tricks. I have been fighting with everyone to just get my G6. I am on Medicare with a supplement ins. I am on my 4th month of waiting. Fingers are getting really sore. My G5 transmitter died
The first week of Jan. I changed endocrinologist last year and made all the corrections to ins and Medicare. But they sent stuff to the old doc and that took time. Now I don’t know who it is going through. Walgreens specialty has been supplying my pods and somehow lost my new Medicare # that they have been using for some time. Talk about needing help. Dexcom gets back to me faster then Walgreens so I have contacted them. Got a reply in 1 day. Waiting for next step. Thanks for listening y’all.