Looking for a meter that takes AAA or AA batteries

I'm currently using a MiniMed Meter by BD that I love. I have one major issue and that's the fact that it takes some obscure battery that's hard to find. Does anyone here have a meter (5 second test time preferable) that uses AAA or AA batteries?

Ideally, I'd like either a solar-powered or maybe even a small wind turbine, but I'd settle for a battery I can actually find. :)

Any help appreciated.

While I don’t know of one… I can tell you that Walgreens is THE place for all kinds of batteries, even all the weird and obscure ones, and hard to find ones. I dunno why… but It has never let me down… I think it’s called CVS in other areas of the country, and I don’t know how they handle their battery area if it’s a CVS… but if you have a Walgreens, try it.

Is this a Bayer product; the Bayer Contour Link ??
In Canada we are told, to call Bayer , number on back of meter and they will send battery , provided, that you have your meter registered with them …hope this works for you too.

I recently bought the onetouch Ultra Smart. It takes AAA batteries. It is a little larger but has lots of features, i.e., heart, insulin amounts, exercise and can be plugged into your computer. Had it two weeks. So far, so good. And, I purchased it because it did take AAA batteries.

Thanks Whitney! Exactly what I needed to hear. I will go get one today!

I second the one touch ultra smart.

The OneTouch Ultralink which is the current meter that communicates with the minimed pumps and it uses aaa batteries

Actually the non-link version of the UltraSmart has a Pump Mode… not sure how it works but its there…
Also what kinda battery does the BD Logic take.,… Wouldnt happen to be AAAA batteries or is it some sort of lithium button battery… CR2023 or 2024 … You can get those for less at WalMart or Walgreens, or even CVS in a multipack (the coin style)… Only place i found AAAA (quadruple As was Radio Shack)… Ended up calling Abott directly and they sent me two packs when i was using the original FreeStyle