Looking for a meter with a high resolution display screen

I was pleased that my OneTouch Ultra2 had large sized numbers on the screen. Then the diabetic retinopathy kicked in and I found that it didnt matter how big the numbers are – grey on grey is unreadable!
I have a blackberry phone and with the feature that enlarges the type, I can read most of the display – I have to conclude that a high-resolution screen is what I need.

Anybody use a meter with a good contrast between background and readout numbers?
(I wrote to life-scan, but they weren’t all that helpful.)
other background information – am getting laser retina treatments, but so far, things have gotten worse instead of better – If I don’t get a meter I can read soon, I won’t be able to self-manage.

Have you thought about a talking meter? I have seen them advertised on TV.

Thanks for your suggestion – I thought about this – not sure I’m emotionally ready for this yet.
Also am not eager to purchase a meter without some referrals. There is a chapter of the Association for the blind and visually impaired in our region. Unfortunately, they can’t help me much until I qualify for their low vision services – and I’m not there yet (am not eager to get to that point any time soon).

I have only purchased one meter. The rest I got for free by calling the companies and requesting them. Most companies have even sent me test strips to sample. The meter companies do not make their money off of the meters they make it off of the test strips. They want you to use their meters. Call the different meter companies and see what they say. The worst they can say is no and I do not think that they will say no.

yes – I wrote to Lifescan and they said they had a meter I could purchase that did have better contrast – when I asked if they would provide one, they declined, when I asked if they would give a longer than 30 day period for return, they declined. It would be wonderful if I could get a lifescan meter because I have a supply of test strips. But at this point have been underwelmed by their customer service – seems that they supply free meters through endocrinologists, but the models they most want to give away.